iWalk 2.0

Have any of you tried the iWalk 2.0? I started practicing on it today and I absolutely love it!  It feels a bit strange on my knee because of the cast but nothing unbearable.  I am definitely still getting used to it, but I am so thankful for an alternative to crutches. It’s hilarious to see how my 5 month old looks at me while practicing with it.  The rest of my family says I look like a pirate lol.
iwalk2.0 iwalk2.0

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  1. I used one briefly, perhaps a couple of weeks. In the house I could just use an office chair on wheels. It is important to practice in the house before going outside where there are more variables. Once I got to the boot it was harder to use. But I got mine used in great condition and then I sold it more for later. Enjoy it! I loved the look of it too.

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