Oh This Scar!

Does anyone’s scar itch like crazy and tender when you rub hard? I am trying to leave it alone but it is so itchy sometimes! This is the only issue/discomfort I am experiencing. I did start putting vitamin E and my homemade lotion (coconut oil and lavender essential oil) on it which helped with the dry skin, but it has not alleviated the itchiness! If you have any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it. May all of you be recuperating wonderfully ☺

PT fun!

Yesterday was my 1st day of PT and let me tell you it was so much fun!! It was the first time I ever had that great of a session. I was over joyed that I actually was able to do all 5he exercises without any pain. It felt so strange to put my foot flat on the ground and even stranger to stand on it. The physical therapists were all very impressed with how well my scar was held (thanks Dr. Kump they asked if you were a robot lol) and the amount of mobility that I had in it. When my main therapist was measuring me she told me that tye note from the surgeon was for me to not be pushed to point past 40° and I was relaxing at 45°! I got sent home with three pages of exercise and was super excited. Huge bonus I had no idea I’d be getting a massage and that ice machine was incredible and I hate cold. These past weeks I’ve have been some of 5he toughest of my life. I’ve been dancing since I was about 5 and not being able to move and groove has been torture. I’ve never felt so stiff in my life. They told me I’d be sore when I got home but fortunately I wasn’t. I did realize my other Achilles is tight from all the over compensation so I’m doing the same exercises on my good goot as well.
I recounted some of my worst dance injuries and it should not have surprised me that my left leg was the one to get injured. It’s been the biggest repeat offender for injuries. So many sprains tones of scar tissue from injuries that were never given the proper time to heal etc. My old Chiropractor use to spend almost as much time on my ankles as he did adjusting the rest of my body and I have scoliosis! Anywho I digress. I’m ready to buld back what I’ve lost. They say I’ll be able to return to dance. I don’t care how long it takes that meant the world to me.

Best of luck to all of you on your road to recovery!!

Boot Life!!

I am so excited yesterday I got out of my final cast. I can’t explain how happy I am that I am free of the cast. My first steps in the boot were very uncomfortable and I know I have a long road ahead of me. The second day I was able to walk around a bit easier but having not used my leg in so long it felt like walking on pins and needles. I have to schedule PT and go back to see my doctor in two weeks. Here begins a new chapter in recovery!

Does anyone have any favorite exercises that you do for strengthening outside what you’ve done in PT?

Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well!!

2nd Post-surgery Appointment

Today I got cast #2 off and was placed into my 3rd and final cast. I have two weeks in this one and then I will be placed into a boot. I am counting down the days! I’ve got a lot to do during PT and I am eager to get well enough to make wonderful strides after this casting business is done. I am trying to keep up with my 5 month old who decided to roll today!!! I’m going to go slowly since that has been getting me great reviews with the doctor. He’s hopeful that I may be able to walk with assistance once I’m in the boot. Which is an improvement from being NWB in the boot. Fingers crossed all will go well.
3rd and final cast!

Long Conservative Road To Recovery

Good morning all! I hope you are doing well. I was so eager to get my first cast removed that I neglected to ask so of my most pressing questions to the doctor. When I got home a fully processed what they had told me I had concerns about how long and what timeframe my doctors had planned for my ATR recovery. Due to being a dancer and a recently having a baby I was already concerned with returning to dance postpartum. This injury was only going to delay my return by what seemed like a lifetime. I was less than thrilled to find out I would be NWB for the indefinite future. After hearing that my rupture was a complete one with an approximate 2.5cm retraction all I can do is trust my doctor’s recommendation. My current recovery timeline:

Day of Injury: 7/20/2019
Visit to Patient First: 7/20/2019
Splint: 7/20/2019-7/31/2019
Surgery: 8/1/2019
1st Cast: 8/1/2019-8/19/2019
2nd Cast: 8/19/2019-8/26/2019
3rd Cast: 8/26/2019-9/10/2019
Boot: 9/10/2019 - until

I am hoping to be up and mobile by 2020. I am going to speak positivity into this and see how it all turns out. For anyone on their ATR recovery journey, I wish you the very best!!!

iWalk 2.0

Have any of you tried the iWalk 2.0? I started practicing on it today and I absolutely love it!  It feels a bit strange on my knee because of the cast but nothing unbearable.  I am definitely still getting used to it, but I am so thankful for an alternative to crutches. It’s hilarious to see how my 5 month old looks at me while practicing with it.  The rest of my family says I look like a pirate lol.
iwalk2.0 iwalk2.0

1st Post-surgery Appointment

Today I went and had my 1st cast removed! I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like ages now. I went in hopeful to be going home with a boot, but no such luck. I was recast and told I’d be in this one for a week. Then I’d be getting a 3rd and final cast and be in it for two weeks prior to my boot. Each time they will be adjusting the angle of my foot to a more flexed position to get me ready for a boot with a lift. I was super bumped to get that news but no one said this road would be short. I asked about when may be able to return to dance, the thing I had been looking forward to so much since I recently had a baby. 12 weeks is what they are estimating depending on how well booting and pt goes. I was wondering if anyone else’s doctor had them on such a slow recovery plan.  I’ve read a lot of post where people were still in boots and I am a little apprehensive about being cast for so long and then being put into a NWB boot with no PT to speak of for over 8 weeks possible.  Any suggestions would be great to hear.  I’m praying that it goes well and I fully recover and build back my muscles. Right now it seems like I’ll be learning to walk right along side with my youngest, but we will see. Wish me luck!


After surgery adjustments

Hello all! I’m happy to say my surgery went well.  I don’t remember the first hour or so but once I got home my loves took wonderful care of me.  My son was not about the bottle life so I was on Tylenol by the very next day and nothing but my best friend ice after that.  Breastfed babies I tell you lol. As far as getting around those first days I’m so glad we have hardwood floors and my amazing office chair.  Without those two things I don’t know how I would have dealt.  This is such a major adjustment but we shall overcome!

My Achilles vs A Warped Wall

I was attempting to do the ninja warrior warped wall at a local Sky Zone.  On the way up it snapped.  Being a dancer I feared the worst but was still in denial.  I went to Patient First later that afternoon and was provided a splint. I had to wait a week to see the orthopedic surgeon and had surgery by the end of that week. Let’s just say I did not “beat that wall”