10 Weeks Post Surgical Repair. I feel pretty good :)

Well its been 10 week post surgery and I feel pretty good.  My range of motion is come a long way.  I am going to PT three days a week for about two hours each session.  I am doing the stationary bike as well as upper body lifting three days a week as well.  My calf strength is about 70% but that is to be expected.  The only time that I have had problems with increased swelling was when I went on a flight from DFW to Toronto.  My ankle swelled up like a balloon.  Next trip I need to make sure I use my compression sleeve.  Tomorrow I go in for a follow up with my Orthopod.  I think he will be pleased with the progress.  Next week I would like to start jogging a little.

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  1. Congrats on your great progress. I’ll be 8 weeks this thursday, then be no heal lifts and should start pt next week. I. Can get around pretty good on crutches but my heel still feels unstable. Wondering if you had the same issue. Wondering if it is the heel lift.

  2. Wow! Congrats! Very jealous. Hopefully I’ll be there in 11 weeks.

  3. Climbtothetop

    Wow sounds like you are getting on great, well done :-) I must admit that running at 11 weeks sounds quick, part of me is jealous but another part is screaming take care….. everyone seems to talk about the period up to the 12 week mark being the ultra ‘don’t do Anyang daft’ zone. Although I am sure you would not be given the go ahead unless you are ready, I await with baited breath to see how it goes!! Good luck & TAKE CARE


    Stick at it, you are doing well - you are a few days ahead of me post op, I don’t have a heel lift so can’t comment on that, I am simply in the boot! My heel initially felt tender/unstable when putting pressure on it but I have found that mind over matter is the cure to this (***within reason, always listen to your body) I persevered with the initial pain and have to admit I have never used my crutches since going in the boot, I am very stubborn and have a high pain threshold….. this may help. In the early days the pain would go away after about 10 steps and now I don’t even think about it. It goes without saying that as the day goes on and the more I do, my whole ankle aches this is where rest and elevation is a saver and a must.

    I hope that once you loose the last lift you will feel a bit more confident to tackle walking crutch free, you are doing so well, it will all come together.

  4. This is actually a comment/ question to Vegas Joey. How long after surgery did you go to the boot? I am 10 days post op and going to ortho for suture removal and boot on day 12 post op. I don’t want to deal with any crutches anymore. I have put some weight on my casted leg but very little. Where are you in the process now?

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