Walking on crutches well but foot still turning purple

I am week 6 post op and in my boot. Walking on crutches is fairly easy now I can put my foot down while balanced with the crutches. However, I am still experiencing a little swelling and my foot is turning purple if it is down for a period of time. It doesn’t hurt but it’s a concern. I am going to the gym every other day to do upper body workouts but today was the first day I tried the seated bike. I started to cycle slowly and no pain and no movement in my ankle with the boot on so I decided to go to 30 minutes. I had no problems at all and felt great. Nice to get a sweat in.

3 Responses to “Walking on crutches well but foot still turning purple”

  1. I’ve read many blogs that talk about the purple feet, so don’t sweat it… errr well sweat while you are on the bike! :-)

  2. Completely my own opinion, but I do think the swelling can be reduced with massaging and creating bloodflow. I’ve just been doing myself before and after my home ROM exercises. But massaging calf, foot, toes, etc. My swelling luckily (so far…knock on wood) has been pretty minimal.

    You seem to be about 1-2 weeks ahead of me. There’s also many natural anti-inflammatories and vitamins/supplements written about here that seem to help, as well.

  3. Just got into my boot and noticed the swelling (turning purple) also. Seems to go away with elevation. It seems elevating your foot seems to be the cure to a lost of things. Also you can ice your foot.

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