Day 12 Post op

I am day twelve post op today. So far it has been not as painful as I thought. I am so glad I had a nerve block at surgery on then a pain pump post surgery. I think that did wonders in terms of pain management. I only took two painkillers this whole time. The pain has only been when I don’t elevate my leg but that is subsiding as the days go by. Thursday I am going to my first post op visit and getting my splint off. They are having me in an Air-cast with two to three heel pads to start up with. I am going to Hawaii in five weeks which puts me at 7 weeks post op so I hope that I can have full weight bearing with the boot by then.

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  1. So far, you’re on a nice modern protocol like If you stay on it, you’ll be PWB on Thursday (2 wks) and FWB as tolerated 2 wks later at 4 wks. At 7 weeks you should be walking very fast and comfortably. That’s about when I retired my AirCast in favor of the 8-yr-old hinged (”ROM”) boot I’d saved from my first ATR. The hinged boot speeded up my walk, and probably smoothed my transition to 2 shoes. Probably not a big deal, more a convenience IMO.

  2. Hey climb, I tried to catch you on another blog you posted on a while back. But you’re the FCD fan? I had season tix for 4 years. I’m also in DFW and would be curious to see which Dr you’re seeing, which PT, etc. As I had to shop around the area quite a bit. Examining price but also typical protocols, PT association and so on.

    Also, it seems as though both of our post-op protocol’s are already quite different and I’m at 3 weeks post-surgery as of today.

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