10 Weeks Post Surgical Repair. I feel pretty good :)

Well its been 10 week post surgery and I feel pretty good.  My range of motion is come a long way.  I am going to PT three days a week for about two hours each session.  I am doing the stationary bike as well as upper body lifting three days a week as well.  My calf strength is about 70% but that is to be expected.  The only time that I have had problems with increased swelling was when I went on a flight from DFW to Toronto.  My ankle swelled up like a balloon.  Next trip I need to make sure I use my compression sleeve.  Tomorrow I go in for a follow up with my Orthopod.  I think he will be pleased with the progress.  Next week I would like to start jogging a little.

Walking on crutches well but foot still turning purple

I am week 6 post op and in my boot. Walking on crutches is fairly easy now I can put my foot down while balanced with the crutches. However, I am still experiencing a little swelling and my foot is turning purple if it is down for a period of time. It doesn’t hurt but it’s a concern. I am going to the gym every other day to do upper body workouts but today was the first day I tried the seated bike. I started to cycle slowly and no pain and no movement in my ankle with the boot on so I decided to go to 30 minutes. I had no problems at all and felt great. Nice to get a sweat in.

Splint off, Stitches out and in the boot

Just came back from the Orthopod today. Got my first Birthday gift…stitches out, splint off and now in a boot. I still am not supposed to put weight on it for the next 4 weeks but can use crutches and put my foot down while walking. They said no PT in 4 weeks but I can swim in my pool in 10 days. I just can’t stand on it in the pool. Phase 1 complete. :) 10350151_10152359067853467_1316343256_o1

Day 12 Post op

I am day twelve post op today. So far it has been not as painful as I thought. I am so glad I had a nerve block at surgery on then a pain pump post surgery. I think that did wonders in terms of pain management. I only took two painkillers this whole time. The pain has only been when I don’t elevate my leg but that is subsiding as the days go by. Thursday I am going to my first post op visit and getting my splint off. They are having me in an Air-cast with two to three heel pads to start up with. I am going to Hawaii in five weeks which puts me at 7 weeks post op so I hope that I can have full weight bearing with the boot by then.

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