Six Weeks Post Op!!

Just completed the sixth week post operation.  Had cast and the remaining staples that were left in for precautions removed.  Everything looked good and was healing nicely according to the Dr.. It really felt really nice to be out of the cumbersome cast and was thrilled to be at this stage of recovery. I was [...]

2-Weeks Post Op

Visited the Dr. today for my 2 week post op appointment.  Everything was doing great according to doctor.  He explained exactly what the surgery entailed as there was more to do there than anticipated.  He had to do an Achilles lengthening, FHL transfer, bone spur removal, repair rupture and graft it all together.  Today he [...]


Since hearing the pop and feeling the cramping pain in my left calf after rupturing my Achilles in December I knew what it meant hearing and feeing the same thing only a few months later.  I had my first ATR surgery in December 2018 which was followed by six week of non weight bearing, followed [...]