Six Weeks Post Op!!

Just completed the sixth week post operation.  Had cast and the remaining staples that were left in for precautions removed.  Everything looked good and was healing nicely according to the Dr.. It really felt really nice to be out of the cumbersome cast and was thrilled to be at this stage of recovery. I was told that the next phase was to be fitted for a walking boot and I was to remain it for the next six weeks.  He stated that I need to be in the boot at all times except for bathing etc. and needed to sleep in the boot as well ugh!  He is a very conservative Dr. and advised me that I will not start any therapy until after I am out of the boot.  However, I was told to begin working on my range of motion slowly based on how the area is feeling.  Being this is the second rupture in five months I really am going to follow this regiment letting it heal longer before any serious therapy.

After sleeping in the boot for a coupe nights I decided that there has got to be a better and more comfortable way of doing so.  So I decided to invest $30 on a light weight night boot which has made sleeping so much easier for me.  So during the next weeks I will work on my ROM and strengthening my core and hips.

At this time I am pain free and very happy with the healing process compared to the last time.  Hopefully I will be able to continue to progress in a positive manner and kick this injury to the curb in the months ahead.  I will definitely keep you all updated on my progress and hope that any of you going through the same thing are having good results in your recovery.

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  1. Best of luck to you! I hope you are healing well.

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