2-Weeks Post Op


Visited the Dr. today for my 2 week post op appointment.  Everything was doing great according to doctor.  He explained exactly what the surgery entailed as there was more to do there than anticipated.  He had to do an Achilles lengthening, FHL transfer, bone spur removal, repair rupture and graft it all together.  Today he removed staples and sutures (seemed like 100 of them).  Cleaned the area up and put me in a cast for the foreseeable future.  I have very little swelling and virtually no pain at this time which is great.  So I am going to continue to ice and elevate as much as possible.  I also broke out the IWalk getting ready to get familiar with it again.  Last time it was a lifesaver allowing me to be hands free and independent which is nice.

Looking forward to continued healing and counting the days to cast removal and weight bearing!!

I do have pics  if I can figure out how to upload them.

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  1. Glad you’re first check was good. Yes ice and elevate! I’m still icing at 8+ months. :)

  2. A very good informative article. I’ve bookmarked your website and will be checking back in future.

  3. I just started using my iwalk today! How is your recovery going now?

  4. My last post was at two weeks post op after my re rupture surgery. So after four weeks/nwb in a cast and two weeks in a walking boot I had a set back. Out of the blue I started having serious pain around the heal of my foot. I contacted the doctor and determined that an Infection had set in where the repairs had been made. They scheduled surgery 6/12 for me the next day to take care of the infection. Little did I know that in order to take care of the infection they had to remove everything they put in, graft, screws etc. To make a long story short after surgery I woke up with an open wound with a wound vacuum on 24/7 removing any residual of infection and also to speed up the healing process. I had antibiotic beads placed in the open wound to fight infection. I had a picc line put in to my arm so I could receive infusions of antibiotics daily for 4 weeks. The wound vacuum was finally removed after five weeks however I still had to go to wound care three times a week for wound treatment.
    I am now in a walking boot/pwb and still on oral antibiotics for another couple weeks. The wound is almost healed and once its is closed completely I can get rid of the walking boot and start therapy.
    Even though I have been dealing with this injury
    since December, the last three months have been the most mentally and physically challenging for me. It was difficult to be progressing so well for the second time just to find out it was all for nothing was devastating. However, I am so thankful that the infection is gone and that I continue to heal Not sure what lies ahead for me and my mobility but I’m praying that the worst is behind me. I am determined to make to best of this bad situation. Thanks and I wish you all well!!!

  5. Glad the infection is gone! Sorry you had to deal with that.

  6. Hang in there guy!

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