2-Weeks Post Op


Visited the Dr. today for my 2 week post op appointment.  Everything was doing great according to doctor.  He explained exactly what the surgery entailed as there was more to do there than anticipated.  He had to do an Achilles lengthening, FHL transfer, bone spur removal, repair rupture and graft it all together.  Today he removed staples and sutures (seemed like 100 of them).  Cleaned the area up and put me in a cast for the foreseeable future.  I have very little swelling and virtually no pain at this time which is great.  So I am going to continue to ice and elevate as much as possible.  I also broke out the IWalk getting ready to get familiar with it again.  Last time it was a lifesaver allowing me to be hands free and independent which is nice.

Looking forward to continued healing and counting the days to cast removal and weight bearing!!

I do have pics  if I can figure out how to upload them.


Since hearing the pop and feeling the cramping pain in my left calf after rupturing my Achilles in December I knew what it meant hearing and feeing the same thing only a few months later.  I had my first ATR surgery in December 2018 which was followed by six week of non weight bearing, followed by six weeks in a boot.  While in the boot I did begin physical therapy and continued therapy after getting out of the boot.  Three weeks later while walking up a flight of stairs Deja vu happened.  I sat at the top of the stairs holding my foot and thinking this really cant be happening, AGAIN.

I had my second ATR surgery on April 5, 2019, which included a FHL transfer to help strengthen the achilles.  It is hard to believe I am going through this again as it seems to be more difficult mentally for me then last time.  However, since I have been through this recently I do know what I am in for physically and hopefully mentally.  I am now 10 day post op and seem to be doing fine.  I am in no pain, nwb and wearing splint/cast until I see the doctor later this week.  At that time they will remove sutures and probably put me in a permanent nwb cast for two to four weeks, which will seem like forever…  I truly am hoping and praying for much better results then the last time.  Ill keep you posted.