I had my last follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this week (week 20, if you’re counting). It took all of three minutes and most of that was taking my shoe and sock off.

“Looks good,” he said, “Questions?” His bedside manner is too blunt for most, but I like to think that he knows I’m not one for small talk.

I only had two questions: When can I start running and what signs should I watch for that I’m pushing too hard? He said I can start running - light jogging to start - at week 26.  If I’m pushing too hard, I’ll either pull my calf muscle (because it’s still relatively weak) or experience soreness similar to the first month post-op.

I’m about a third of the way toward achieving my goal of 20 one-legged calf raises. I can do 9-10 reps now, but I’m not really getting all the way up on my toes. Nothing to do but keep working on it!