After seeing me twice a week for five weeks, Meghan dumped me. I knew it was trouble when she told me to sit down, “I need to talk to you.”

“I read through your chart,” she said, flipping through my chart as she said it, finding it easier than looking at me. “You’ve been making great progress and I think you’ve reached a point where I can’t really help you anymore. I could continue to see you, but I’d only be running you through exercises that you can easily do yourself now. It’s time for you to move on.”

My initial reaction was disappointment. I look forward to my PT sessions and associated my therapist with a rapidly improving Achilles tendon. We still had two more sessions to go?! And then I broke out laughing at the absurdity of my feelings - Meghan was in fact “breaking up” with me, but it was a good thing because it meant that I’d cleared another hurdle in my ATR recovery.

She was laughing too, and we laughed even harder when she said that I could still drop by any time if I needed another session. Yes, we can still be friends. ;)