One Month Already!

I can’t believe it. One month has already gone by.

They adjusted the angle on the boot from 15 degress to 7.5.  A little sore, but the soreness is worth it to know that progress is being made.  The scar is healing up nicely too.  My surgeon did a wonderful job.  Not sure about others of you out there, but my guy made the incision on the inside of my ankle instead of along the back where the achilles is.  He said that this was based on not wanting the repaired achilles to rub against the incision site… pretty good idea.

I’ve heard from a few newbies (not that I’m a pro or anything) and it seems that there are others out there that share in my fear of blowing out my “good” achilles while I hop my fat ass around the house.  Hopefully this is just paranoia that goes along with this injury.  So far, so good.

I have a checkup again next week. Hopefully gonna go from 7.5 to 0 degrees on the boot… I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hey - I’m only a little behind you in recovery time (I’m almost 3 weeks post-op), so I’ll be following your blog for a sign of what’s to come! Sounds like you are doing really well, so that’s very encouraging! I’m currently in the cam-walker at 15 degrees. Still not weight bearing. Did your doc tell you when you can start bearing weight? Good luck with everything…looking fwd to reading your future posts.

  2. I scrolled back and read your previous entries. Looks like we’re both out of Big 10 country - I’m a Wolverine. I root for MSU when we’re not playing you…you guys look strong this year! I never underestimate Izzo.

  3. Man, MSU looked sooooo bad last night against Purdue. I have to keep reminding myself that the last time we won it all we lost to Wright State. U of M looks sharp this year too. Duke and UCLA, that is sweet! They’ve been hit or miss in the BigTen, but they’ll pull it together. Good to see that basketball rivalry heating up again… it’s about the ONLY place we’ve been able to take you guys the last few years. I won’t bring up your football team as I’m sure that’s a sore spot… but again, you’re U of M. Winningest college football team of all time… you’ll bounce back.

    How did you tear your achilles?

    So, they put you in a boot as well? Was there discussion about cast vs. boot, or was this your doc’s preference? I started out in a cast, but had a little claustrophobic freakout so they moved me to the boot. Much better.

    Hang in there. It’s going a lot faster than I thought it would go.

  4. Hello 533studios, I am about 1 week behind you in recovery also so thanks for sharing your story. Nice to meet some other Big Ten basketball fans. Go Gophers!! How long were you in the cast before switching to the boot? I’m just finishing my first week in a cast (did 2 weeks in a splint first) and I am with you on the claustrophobic part of being in a cast. It seems lots of folks are getting the boot more quickly with less time in a cast. Glad to hear the boot is better. Did they switch you to the boot earlier than expected? I am thinking about asking for a switch early.

  5. what is a normal time to get the boot? i was one week in a splint and two weeks in a cast (i’ve only had the cast 4 days 10 to go) i am mixed on getting the boot, i think it might be a pain to sleep in but the idea of taking it off once in a while is atractive. What are your thoughts? oh and GO BLUE!!!!

  6. Ah, the BigTen is starting to be well represented here… nice! Minnesota, you guys are gonna be freakin’ sweet here pretty quick. Tubby is just an amazing coach and I see a national title in your not-so-distant future!

    The boot is interesting. Sometimes I wish I still had the cast to be honest. Less to worry about, less drama. Better dissemination of the weight throughout the leg I guess. It’s nice to be able to take the boot off, but it is heavy. Drags me down at times and sleeping is a pain. I also get nervous about whether or not it is in my best interest. Like “is there a reason that everyone else is in a cast… am I jeapordizing my true ability to heal just because I was uncomfortable?”

    Only time will tell. I did have a slip and fall two days after I got the boot and told my doctor “If you were ever gonna convince me to get back in a cast, now is the time.” He told me not to worry about it and the boot was good. I have to trust that he is making the right decision.

  7. Be optimistic you going to recover very soon.

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