Anyone Else Feel Like This?

So, I’m hopping around the house and it feels like my other achilles is gonna snap at any moment?  Is this just the paranoia that comes along with this new injury?  Anyone else out there have similar thoughts as they’ve gone through this?

Trying to keep my sanity… I am a graphic designer and luckily can do a lot of work while sitting on my ass waiting for my achilles to heal.  I’ve been able to keep busy for the most part and these first (almost) two weeks have moved by alright. Thank God for college basketball and my Michigan State Spartans.  Hopefully this year as I cheer them on from the couch with my foot pilled proudly high atop a pile of pillows, coach Izzo can make another run!

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  1. I have that feeling too. Also watching college and pro bball waiting for it to happen. Do you do that? I saw a stat saying it happens to 18 out of 100,000 people. just one ATR. I think the chances are good you wont be struck by lightening twice. Two ATR on different feet, That would be brutal. Good luck with the spartans, they should win the big 10 this year.

  2. Hey 533,
    I think we all feel like that. It’s amazing how much your good achilles is going to take while you’re on crutches, but it should be okay.
    I have had tendonitis in my good achilles for 10 years so assumed if one was gonna fail it would be that one, but noooooo, apparently the good one is more likely to go as I would’ve been favouring the good one subconciously for a while.
    I’m 6 months in and still nervous about any twinges etc, but my physio said that it’s all about confidence.

    Keep smiling,

  3. ganahlsearch I totally know what you mean! Watching the Super Bowl and that crazy ABC show Wipeout I keep thinking “Oh my God, that dude’s gonna blow out his achilles!”

    Guess the crazy paranoia is just part of the injury.

    Thanks for the MSU encouragement. As always, it’s tough to be a Spartan fan… they can win on the road, but are having trouble winning at home. Crazy.

  4. joanathan9, glad to hear you’re 6 months in to recovery. I’ve heard that it can take up to a year to fully recover from this one. Talk about a bummer! One of my best friends from college tore his 12 years ago. The first day home after we graduated from college… playing basketball. He has been helping me through the mental part lately and has assured me that in due time you’ll forget about it.

    Best of luck to you as you continue down your path.

  5. Hi 533studios, seems like we have a lot in common-I ruptured my right Achilles in October playing indoor soccer. And I am also a graphic designer. I’m grateful that I was able to get back to work right away, since I sit at my desk all day. I know exactly what you mean about thinking you’re going to rupture the other leg too! A couple weeks after surgery I went to see my team play, but all I could think was that someone was going to have the same accident as me!

    But hang in there, the time does go by rather quickly. I am now walking almost normally and just trying to build up my strength so I can get back out there again. Best of luck!

  6. 533, I’m a recent inductee (Feb. 8th). I don’t really think I’m going to rupture my other one, but it sure feels like I might be damaging it. I tore mine playing indoor soccer as well, on turf. I had felt some tightness/stiffness/soreness in both my achilles about halfway through the session, and did the tear at the very end. That feeling has not yet gone away in the “good” leg, and I wonder if it will have a chance to with all the work it has to do now. I’ve got a young baby that my wife can’t cope with all on her own, so extensive rest is not an option!

  7. Man, sounds like we’re in the same boat. I have a son who is gonna be 12 months a week from today. I just feel like a giant load around the house right now. The only thing making this fly by is going in to the office. The last couple of weeks have went by pretty quick. Beats sitting around on the couch and feeling sorry for myself. Best of luck to you!

  8. 553,

    I totally agree with you on the fact the “good” one feels like it is about to implode..
    In my case, I know I have tendonitis in the right one, not as bad as the left one was before rupture and we are all hoping I can get the left one rehabbed and strong enough before we electively repair the right one… Cannot stand to go thru another rupture…

    I ruptured on Dec 20 2008, had surgery Dec 29 2008, and am currently working 3 days a week about 4 hours a day….I work for a foot/ankle doc and he is keeping my in line hahaha…so I dont overdo…Am in a boot, one crutch prn, and physical therapy…the hope is this thursday the 19th, I will be allowed to start transitioning into a shoe with an achillotrain brace..

    Good luck to ya…

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