Day 8 - Not so Great

Today is day 8 post op and this morning started out well.

Didn’t sleep very well.  Woke up a lot, but I got out of bed, ready for work and gave myself a pep talk… “look, we’re at day 8 already… only 62 to go until 10 weeks”

Yes, I am counting… it is March 31.

Got myself psyched up and had my Dad take me in to work (he’s currently laid off… Michigan is bad, but this has been a blessing in disguise). Got out of the car, up the stairs, across the lobby, in to the elevator, down to my office, three “steps” on my crutches out of the elevator and down I went.

Fell right on top of my foot.

Felt weird and hurt quite a bit and I laid there on the floor for a while when one of my student employees (I work at Michigan State University) came around the corner and found me and got me up and in to an office chair.


Called the doctor’s office from the chair and called my dad who was only a few minutes gone. Doc said “come right in.” Went in to the doctor for him to check me out… I’m in a boot instead of a cast and I was sure that this decision had now just come back to bite me in the ass.

Everything checked out alright. Still in tact… and so goes day 8 post op.

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