Please Stop by and Say “Hello”

Well, made my first entry this afternoon and was hopeful I’d have some new folks to chat with today.  If you get a chance and are an “old pro” or a “recent inductee” please feel free to comment on my blog.  I’d love to hear from people out there that are going through this with me… hoping and praying that they will wake up tomorrow, one day closer to getting off the crutches and back to “reality” (whatever that may be now).

Taking the Jeopardy online test in a few minutes… should be a good distraction for a while.

3 Responses to “Please Stop by and Say “Hello””

  1. Hello…… from an ‘old’ in every sense of the word ‘pro’

    Old in years and in injury, mine was way back in April last year and my age almost 60 is against me but I can walk and that is all I care about.

    This site is the most fantastic reassurance aid, there will always be someone available that has been through whatever problems you may have. Just ask, be specific, don’t be afraid to ask the most trivial thing help is there.

    Hope you remain ’sane’ keep the brain working.

    Good Luck
    from the ‘old pro Annie’

  2. It must be Geezer week with regard to responses although Annieh hardly qualifies - she’s just a kid (I’m 67). As she stated, don’t be afraid to ask any question as we all have gone through a similar phase and can help.


  3. Thank you to you both! Yes, even geezers are welcome! I’ll take any and all the advice I can get… it is greatly appreciated. So far this seems to be a wonderful resource, and I’m so excited that I came across it… Thank God for Google searches.

    What did we ever do before the internet?

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