5 Months: life seems normal

Even after five months, my left ankle stills feels different and it is definitely bigger, but there is virtually nothing I want to do that I am restricted from.  That is different than saying I am allowed to do everything.
I went to the doc for the last time on Monday.  The most recent visit was two [...]

4 Months: Starting heel raises

I know that one of the last things to come back in the recovery process can be full weight heel raises.  However, I have not spent any time doing anything to speed the process  until this week.  I have read that in the pool or other partial weight-bearing approaches work well. I just haven’t been [...]

Week 16: Mountain Biking at Last!

Not much new this week other than my first time on the mountain bike and single-track trail.  Everything went fine, but I am glad I waited until now to hit the dirt.  While the trail I rode is not particularly demanding, the quick accelerations and tempo changes are more challenging to the recovering ankle than [...]

Week 15. Remember the basics.

My recovery has continued to be uneventful and encouraging.  However, the reminders that I am not 100% are regular and important.  Especially when I walk, I am cognizant that I have a ways to go.  This is not true on the bike, where I feel virtually no effects of my limitations.  Maybe I need to [...]

Week 14. 2 Shoes times 2

On the first day of my 14th week I rode my bike with two bike shoes rather than one bike shoe and one boot.  On the last day of this 14th week post op I wore dress shoes rather than running shoes at work.  It is the little signs of normalcey that are encouraging.
I rode my bike 170 [...]

Week 13: Always has been a lucky number for me!

I got engaged on a Friday the 13th and married on the 13th the following April…24 years ago!
I had my first visit with the physical therapist today.  He only provided encouragement, suggesting that while the tendon is thick, as expected, the motion I have is very good for this stage of recovery.  He measured the [...]

Week 12 Doc says all is well

Nothing really new this week…other than the doctor saying it is looking good and healing time is my best friend.  He raised an eyebrow that I have been biking with my aircast, inquiring:  “really?”
He started to clear me to ride, on the road, with no hills.   Then I asked about the risk of injury should [...]

Week 11 A little massage goes a long way…two shoes!

Without this blog I don’t think I would recall how quickly I have progressed over the last three weeks since the cast was removed.  Midway through this week I dropped the aircast for everything except biking.  While I am still very careful, I have been comfortable everywhere I have been.  I am especially cautious on [...]

Week 10: Walkin’ slow

The second week out of the cast has been good.  As this week went along I spent more and more time out of the boot and in two shoes.  What I am doing is not normally called walking, but for those of us in recovery it is wonderful.  I can bear weight on my left [...]

Week 9: cast comes off, biking begins (is that okay?)

 The long awaited removal of the cast occurred eight weeks after surgery.  The doc said things look okay and cleared me to wear the boot or shoes as I desire.  His main admonition is  not to do anything that would put stretching force on the tendon.  Clearly not body weight.  That is what the boot [...]