5 Months: life seems normal

Even after five months, my left ankle stills feels different and it is definitely bigger, but there is virtually nothing I want to do that I am restricted from.  That is different than saying I am allowed to do everything.

I went to the doc for the last time on Monday.  The most recent visit was two months ago.  He looked, poked and felt…proclaiming that all seems fine.  Probably about 70% healed.  Then he asked, “how did you do this?”  “Basketball” I replied.  “No basketball” he commanded.  I thought he meant ever, so I looked back at him a bit perplexed, not expecting that kind of draconian restriction.

However, he really just meant, “not yet.”  I think he is conservative, which is okay with me.  He suggests waiting to run, basketball, racquetball and stuff like that until spring.  I am okay with that for the time being…I haven’t exactly been itching to run.  I have, though, been riding my bike a lot.

In September I did a 24-hour mountain bike relay race.  It was disappointing to not participate as a soloist in the event as I did for the first time last year.  Yet, it was fun to be involved in my first competitive bike event of any kind for the whole year.  Our team was not in the hunt to win, but it was great to be out riding and encouraging one another during each effort.

Now I am planning to participate in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race in Traverse City, MI in a little over three weeks.  This is one of those races that looks a little silly on paper…27 miles of point-to-point riding through what ever conditions northern Michigan has to offer in early November.  The race has a big following, and I am looking forward to my first try at it.  So, here in mid-October, I am starting to do some training.  My first intervals yesterday felt familiar and strange all at the same time.

The good news, I can do what I want.  The news, I am still restricted from some things, but it isn’t cramping my style any.

3 Responses to “5 Months: life seems normal”

  1. Hope the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race went well. I pulled up a little over half way due to not enough training. :)

  2. My Iceman went pretty well. I started a little too fast, but it may not have mattered too much. I was spent at the end, but pleased to have finished and placed 13th in my sport age group. It was a good reminder of the need to work hard during the off season to regain my fitness.

    the race was more fun than I expected given how much was on fire roads and such.

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  3. モンブランボールペンですが、ここまで引っ張っておいて、一体その正体とは何なのか?

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