4 Months: Starting heel raises

I know that one of the last things to come back in the recovery process can be full weight heel raises.  However, I have not spent any time doing anything to speed the process  until this week.  I have read that in the pool or other partial weight-bearing approaches work well. I just haven’t been interested enough to start.

I was talking with a friend last week and the idea of using a weight-assisted dip machine might do the trick.  This is the lower yourself from two bars kind of dip, not the chip and dip kind.  I gave it a shot and it works pretty well.  I can spend a few minutes everyother day on the machine (in the gym at my workplace) and I am doing a lot more than I was before.

Today was my fourth “workout” (5 minutes or less) and I did 2 sets of 20 with 60 pounds of assist each  time.  I think the progress will come quick enough.

I have been icing less and less just due to being tired of messing with it…even though the Cryo Cuff does make it easy!  I still feel the tightness and mild pain when I walk, but this continues to fade as the weeks go by.  I have not been back to PT.  The value for the time and money just wasn’t there.  I am satisfied with my progress, so I imagine I will just keep up the current routine until I can’t do something I want to be able to do.

I did bike another 150 miles this week…this seems to be my norm distance lately.  I did made a transition to more MTB miles, with 45 this week after last week’s inaugural of 8 miles.  Also, the off-road mileage included 2,200 feet of climbing.  That is more climbing than I have done in any other whole week of road riding since I have been back on two wheels.

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  1. I missed your post last week - you’re MTBing in SPD’s?
    I currently have flats on both my MTBs and feel fine for the actual riding part, I’m just worried about having to plant my foot if I I need to bail, hence keeping the boot for singletrack rides.

  2. Your recovery is inspiring. Congrats!

    It was a revelation for me though that you say “one of the last things to come back in the recovery process can be full weight heel raises”… (you mean on 2 legs or 1?)

    My PT made me do those 2 DAYS after I got out of the boot!
    Hmm… that might have been the problem?

  3. How long does it take to get to a one legged heel raise. Seems like I tell the heel to lift and nothing really happens. It’s very frustrating I know it takes time thats why I’m asking when I was in PT they didn’t focus much on strength just flexiblity.

  4. Rover -

    I’ve been there, when it seems like the muscles have simply forgotten what to do and the foot just lays there. Arrrgh.

    I’m at roughly 9 weeks, been out of the boot since 6 weeks post op. My PT started me on seated heel raises (basically just sitting on a bench and doing the raise with no weight) roughly a week out of the boot and has now progressed me to doing raises using a leg press or similar machine with more weight each time.

    It did take a while before I could actually re-train the foot to do what I wanted it to. Sounds crazy, but I would sit and do a raise with the good foot and then try to replicate the action immediately with the bad one. I think the visual cue to my brain helped.

  5. Thank you for the reply.

  6. I am mountain biking with egg beater (Crank Brothers) pedals. They are easy in/out.

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  7. I can do full weight heel raises easily with my good leg. With my recovering leg I am working towards full weight…still a ways off.

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