Week 16: Mountain Biking at Last!

Not much new this week other than my first time on the mountain bike and single-track trail.  Everything went fine, but I am glad I waited until now to hit the dirt.  While the trail I rode is not particularly demanding, the quick accelerations and tempo changes are more challenging to the recovering ankle than the road riding I’ve been doing.

As I rode on the bike path after the trail, I could fill some twinges of pain that I don’t often feel after a ride on the road.  This is the typical pain I feel as I continue to use/exercise the joint and tendon.

I did ride about 150 miles again this week, including commuting to work every day.  I have been trying to be more diligent about icing the ankle, because it continues to swell and feel a bit stiff when I don’t.  This is way better than the limited mobility of early in recovery, but this, too, is getting old.

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  1. Wow - still hope for the rest of us.

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