Week 14. 2 Shoes times 2

On the first day of my 14th week I rode my bike with two bike shoes rather than one bike shoe and one boot.  On the last day of this 14th week post op I wore dress shoes rather than running shoes at work.  It is the little signs of normalcey that are encouraging.

I rode my bike 170 miles in this inaugural week of freedom from all things boot.  My ankle has been more sore this week than it has for awhile, so I think there may be some relation between the extra work the scar tissue is getting and the pain.  I am limping more and walking a little slower due to the pain in the tendon due to use.  It doesn’t feel like anything to be concerned about, just a consequence of some good two-wheel therapy. 

At times, this can be a good thing, to remind me I am not 100%.  However, most of the time I just wish it would go away!

I went to my second PT visit and left as uninspired as the first time.  My dorsiflexion has improved another 2 degrees and is now at 12 degrees compared to 15 on the right ankle.  My therapist was optimistic I will be close to full range by the end of this week.  I am also likely to cease the visits; there is just not enough value for the time and money.

Some details about cycling:  I didn’t use the SPD pedals as I had planned, but used my normal Speed Play Zeros.  My ankle joint is plenty strong, so there are no issues with clipping in and out at all.  I think folks who were concerned about this may have been much earlier in their recovery when trying to go clipless.

The first ride or two, I was cautious with how hard I pushed with my left leg.  After that, I went at it full strength, although, I found during longer rides that I had to put more emphasis on the “backside” of the pedal stroke to give my tendon area a rest.

Today on my commute I rode really easy both to and from work (17 miles total).  It was nice, in a way, to have worked my legs hard enough over the weekend to need a light day to recover.

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  1. great job! keep up the good work

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