Week 12 Doc says all is well

Nothing really new this week…other than the doctor saying it is looking good and healing time is my best friend.  He raised an eyebrow that I have been biking with my aircast, inquiring:  “really?”

He started to clear me to ride, on the road, with no hills.   Then I asked about the risk of injury should I crash and he back pedalled a bit, suggesting I move on to more aggressive things only on the advice of the physical therapist.   I won’t see the doctor for another two months.  He said I can do what ever the therapist will allow me to do.

So…I have resolved to be a conservative patient and ride with the boot for another week.   The earliest I could start PT is next Monday.

I rode 140 miles this last week.  Fifty of this was a hard (for me) group ride.  This was  immediately followed  with a 20 mile mellow ride with my wife…I had already committed the ride to her, but my tendon area was not happy with another 1 1/2 hours on the bike.  My butt is not in condition either, so I was glad to see the end of this one!

Walking continues to get better.  My stride length is about 95%, but I do have to walk at a moderated pace due to stiffness in the  joint.  I am starting to resume a lot of normalcy, finally doing some stuff around the house again.

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  1. Hey, John that group ride was hard for everyone! We just get motivated thinking “Boot Boy” keeps hanging with us. :) Keep getting better.

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