Week 10: Walkin’ slow

The second week out of the cast has been good.  As this week went along I spent more and more time out of the boot and in two shoes.  What I am doing is not normally called walking, but for those of us in recovery it is wonderful.  I can bear weight on my left foot just fine, I am just not allowed to push off with it.  When I started “walking” last week, my right foot would just come up even with the my left foot so my ankle wouldn’t go past 90 degrees.  Today I noticed my right foot moves farther forward on each step than last week, the heel of the right almost coming even with the toe of the left now.  It doesn’t add a lot of speed, but it does feel like progress.

For whatever reason I thought I didn’t need to wear the pressure hose/stocking on my recovering leg.  However, my ankle seemed huge with swelling, so I thought it might help some to apply the even pressure of the special sock.  Did it ever!  Even with just wearing it while I sleep for two nights I noticed significant reduction in swelling.

I didn’t really try this during the first week, but I have begun to balance on my left leg alone for a minute or more at a time.  I’ll admit, I am a bit uneasy doing it, feeling all the little muscle movements in the foot and ankle acting to keep me upright.  They are weak with lack of use, but I figure what better way to strengthen them than use.  I can  understand one of the big struggles of healing at this stage:  wanting to do more, faster than is probably prudent.  I continue to appreciate the stories on this site of others who have had misfortunes and had to start their healing process over.  While I am really bummed for them, I really value their hard-earned wisdom.

Not so much biking this weekend due to time and weather.  I put in 85 miles last weekend and only 23 this weekend.  I am able to average about 17 mph which is faster than I expected.

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