Dec 01 2010


9 Weeks since injury

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this is my first post, of which i should’ve started posting since the injury, but i have been very busy reading all the other blogs on here, which definitely helped get me through some long days. i think my posts are gonna be in reverse chronological order, but i will do some day to day posts also, if that makes sense. for this , my first post, i will describe my time so far.

well i am 9 weeks post injury, i injured my left AT playing rugby on a cold and wet miserable day. i opted for the non-surgical  option as i thought of less complications. the program set for me was 8 weeks total in cast, starting from equinos and slowly moving to neutral over the 8 week period. i had angle changes over the 8 weeks and was actually put into a walking boot at week 7. the reason for that I’m not sure but it was such a blessing, but i will get to that in another post. then at week 8 i had a 30sec consultation with my doctor who said i was free to start PT and ‘wean’ myself off the boot and back into shoes.

so that brings me to today, i have my first PT session in 2 days which i am really looking forward to. sometimes i feel my progress has been slow but then i see how other people are getting on and  i feel that it is all down to the individual and their recovery. i have good ROM and no pain in the ankle, Achilles or feet which im am happy about. my tendon is stiff in the mornings and is not liking the cold weather at the moment but with the stretches i have been doing it has improved i think. there is very little calf muscle left in my leg, which is very heart wrenching to see but that just means a few more hours at the gym and on the bike.  i have a wedge in my foot but i think it is the wrong type as i am still walking with a side limp but hopefully the PT will answer this for me. so i try to walk in my shoes as much as possible but i do refer back to the boot if i go out at night or when its rainy and slipper outside.

so this is my first post and i hope i have contributed to effectively and properly. just like recovery, its get to get the first one under the belt, so i look foward to another post, maybe tomorrow or after my first PT session.

Kia Ora

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Nov 16 2010


Hello world!

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