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all you need to know about ATR:


“about 25% of Achilles tendon ruptures are missed during the patient’s first visit…. if  swelling is present, it can obliterate any palpable defect. The physician may incorrectly diagnose a “partial tear” if the patient can still plantarflex his ankle. This paradox is due to the functional flexor hallucis longus, flexor digitorum longus, posterior tibial, and peroneal tendons. These pitfalls can be avoided by using a few simple tests. First, the patient should be instructed to perform repetitive heel rises.”

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Feel like total basket case…. few days ago I tried some walking lunges amongst my exercises. I did not feel anything special right then, but few hours later  I developed a pain in my GOOD calf, and it does not want to go away. Especially impossible to walk down the stairs with my GOOD leg, I get a terrible sharp spasm in the calf. So I am limping again - on my other leg! :-(

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I celebrated the 6 months benchmark with  some hopping on 2 feet forward and back at the PT today. Feels strange after 10 months (since the original injury) but good. No pain. However I will not beat any records any time soon.

Also I did 10 minutes of single calf raises ( 10 sec up - 10 sec rest) with muscle stim. (They love to torture me! )  I still have a long way to go with calf strength.

I tried running ( :-) if we can call this slow hobbling that) also for the first time.  Certainly felt weird. My muscles forgot what jogging is like. First they did not want to obey. We have a 90 meter track at the Y, nice padded one, so (after warming up!) I walked a lap, then tried to jog, then walked another etc. in the end I managed to slow jog a whole lap. My tendon did not hurt at all, (it is somewhat tired by the evening) the most disturbing is that I  still get pain around the ball of my foot when I work out or walk too much.

I feel less and less tired by the end of the day and can do all my regular activities.  So all in all things are looking up.

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