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One of my first goals was to be able to resume our regular week-end walks to the harbour (7K return). And yesterday I managed!!

After 8 and a half months, for the first time I walked it all the way! True, I took two breaks, but it was the most gorgeous day, 16 C and sunny, not your typical November weather in Ontario, so it felt good to sit a bit by the lake and watch the world go by. I was still conscious of my injury but that was more a general tiredness. As I was forced to lay around for 6 months this year, even my good calf was complaining after this. Getting home of course I spent two hours recuperating on the couch.  Just have to keep practicing!

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I have seen the surgeon today - the last time, unless I have problems.

He liked how the tendon feels and said there is not much scar tissue, the tendon is not too thick compared to many other cases he sees. Dorsiflexion is still way less than in the good foot, but improving. Sitting down I can lift the ball of my foot about half an inch from the floor.

He said I could do any amount of walking, light jogging, swimming etc. as I feel.  Only plyometrics (jumping around) I am not allowed to do until the 6 months mark. And martial arts….  (no doctor, that was only a one time stupid idea on that fateful day back in February…)

So my PT is getting excited and full of plans trying to keep me busy for the coming weeks. She wants me to come twice a week so I can benefit from muscle stimulation that I will get while doing heel raises. Unfortunately I can not raise my injured heel as high as the good one yet.

She added the very challenging (at least for me) one legged bridges to my routine, and all sorts of variations on heel raises : putting 80 % weight on bad leg, or going up on 2 legs, then lifting the good foot and down on one leg. (until I can manage it on the bad foot alone) Also on stairs, with heels hanging down. I can use the leg press in the gym, but I find the heel raises on the stairs more natural. I am also trying to imitate a slow lunge stepping back with the bad foot while holding a counter for balance. Getting used to putting the weight on the stretched tendon. Also trying to go up stairs not putting the heel down.

As a result I start to feel my calf muscle again… a bit sore but good to know it is there. The atrophy is still bad. (about 3 cm difference ) I told the ortho surgeon that my forefoot aches often when I walk. He said strange…. maybe I lost some bone density from being NWB for 3 moths? Suggested to take some calcium and vitamin D.

So I see I will have to spend a lot of time on my exercises in the coming months to put some spring in my steps… Otherwise my daily activities are going pretty smoothly: if I do not need to stand too much I do not have any pain in my heel. But I faithfully always wear running shoes…  I try to go for a 45 min. walk several times a week. I find that challenging but enjoyable, walking non stop does not come easy yet. Best is not to go alone and the conversation distracts me from the effort. Also it is good to have to keep up the speed with someone.  But often the first 10 minutes are more tiring than the last, so I will try to make these walks longer.

So there. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the tunnel is very long sometimes… Hard to believe that 2 months ago I was hardly hobbling around. Hey it is easy to get used to good things.  :-)