Food for alleviating leg cramps

If your leg is cramping up, here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are good sources of potassium. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water as well.

Thanks to Philip for forwarding this link to me:

Following are some good sources of potassium (potassium is generally in
fruits and vegetables in abundance.) My textbook says this on bananas as a
source of calcium: “People seem to know that bananas contain potassium but
Figure 11-6 shows that their potassium content is only fair. Why did
bananas get such a reputation for being high in potassium? Probably
because bananas outrank other common fruits such as apples or oranges; they
are easy to prepare and eat; and they are well liked by many people. Some
fruits, though, are higher in potassium, and many vegetables have more
still, especially on a per-kcalorie basis. An advantage that fruits offer
over other fresh foods, including vegetables, is that many of them are
practically sodium-free.”

So without further ado, here are the fatfree vegetarian sources of
potassium shown in the table, ranked best source (per serving) to poorest

Dried peaches
Winter squash
Lima beans
Dried pears
Pinto beans
Split peas
Kidney beans
Bok choy*
Butternut squash
Orange juice
Dried apricots
Black-eyed peas
Green beans
Summer squash
Fresh apricots
Fresh peaches
Romaine lettuce*
Brewer’s yeast
Loose-leaf lettuce*
Green pepper
Red radishes*
Whole-wheat bread

The *’d items are “Best sources per kcalorie” ie. the most nutrient-dense


14 Responses to “Food for alleviating leg cramps”

  1. My husband wakes up alot in the middle of the night from his sleep with major leg cramps I mean to the point where he is ready to cry it hurts so bad. I tell him all the time he needs to eat a banana a day to help out.

  2. Nice blog, very informative. Before, I tried so many things to stop my legs from shaking, I only found this privic spray that calms my legs, it gives an instant soothing relief from that itching sensation on my legs, do check them at, hope it can help you too!

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  6. Some of those things describe me but it definitely is making me change my perspective .

  7. I’ve started to get cramps in the injured calve area first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. I think it has do to dehydration as I eat several fruit and vegetables during the day. I’m afraid to try and stretch it out. Any ideas on what to do once it starts?

  8. @mikevball - you may want to talk to your doctor. i had a dvt in my calf and the symptoms were a cramp feeling in the calf that was initially worse in the morning, then started lasting all day.

  9. @mikevball - I second what smick says. If you want read my blog about “welcome to clot club” posts. In retrospec, I am pretty sure I had a clot for days and days, but when I called my surgeon’s office mid afternoon they freaked me out which caused undue stress and many many hours waiting around in the ER. I would suggest that if you do have unexpected swelling — though unexpected may not be so easy to detect — call your docs office first thing in the morning, like 8am or 9am, that way if need be, you can go though the whole ultrasound and response-thereof in the day time when the normal staff — doctors, nurses, etc people are around.

  10. Thanks, the cramps have subsided after I started hydrating better during the day and at night, two beers instead of one, :), I just have to get up in the middle of the night to use the head now, which being NWB is a pain in the ass.

  11. I tore my Achilles walking down a flight of steps carrying 2 large drink cambros/containers. This is a workmans comp claim. I got the results of my MRI and My Achilles has a 50% tear. The Dr. does not want to do surgery. I have been in a boot cast since the day of the incident Feb 3rd. 2017. This seems like a large tear to heal on its own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hi. I’m far from the most expert person posting here, but I’ve suffered a complete tear and am on a non-surgical treatment path as are many other people. If you read around on the site you’ll find various pieces of research which suggest that non-surgical may be as effective as surgical in terms of long-term success for complete ruptures, especially if there’s a fairly intensive recovery programme, so I’d have thought that non-surgical would work in your case, but as I say I’m no expert. Spend some time searching the site but also maybe get a second medical opinion to see if they agree? Hope it works out well for you whatever route you go down.

  13. Thanks for the list. I’ll add these products to my daily meals through I can’t stand broccoli. This resource  will be very helpful for you as well.

  14. I’m Experiencing pretty intense calf cramps that radiate all the way down to my ankles. Any way to remedy this?

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