Physical Therapy and Exercise go hand-in-hand, so the line between this page and the Physical Therapy page is a little blurred.

This page will focus more on the hard work you put in starting around the 3 month mark to continue your training to get you to a higher level of fitness than you were at before the injury.

My goal is 1 year, which I think is the average time that the doctors tell you that you can resume all the sports that you used to play before the achilles tendon injury. Some people return to their sports much earlier (Elton Brand, for example).

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  1. Thanks for the info on this, do you think this would include kick boxing also that was my passion, everyday I sit and look at my gloves and brand new boots I bought the evening by my accident.

  2. Don’t forget that professional athletes (a la Elton Brand) get paid (sometimes million$$) to do nothing but go to rehab and recuperate, while the rest of us working stiffs have businesses to run or jobs to do. My point is that professional athletes have access to the BEST health care and are going to do nothing but rehab until they are fully recovered–that’s why it usually takes them less time to recover.

  3. chris67,

    You can find out who the team doctors are in your city/state w just minimal research. Almost all of them are available to the public, but they are usually very busy so you might have to either wait or go w another doc. If you have an “in” that helps too.

  4. It’s very much important to take care of our body. For this we should do exercise and yoga on a daily basis to keep us fit and fine. As we all know that a healthy body makes a wealth full person. All kinds of exercises are very much helpful. Best one to have a running regularly to avoid injuries. In this way you will have your best health and diet.
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  5. HI,
    I am a very active person in terms of exercise. I do not play any sports, per se…so I was wondering other people’s experience on when they returned to stationary bike, elliptial, strength training. I also swim. My doc said that I could swim and work upper body, bike in two months, run in 3. Others want to share thier timeframe?

  6. Kim- all point you at all my detailed data… here. I didn’t really keep track of the upper body strength training, which I started just 1 week after surgery. Though I was very aggressive with my schedule, I’m still not running at 3 months.

  7. Hmm- link didn’t work :-(
    One more try: tinyurl.com/3uasxmu <- my recovery log.

  8. Hi there, the 4 th of nov i ruptured. Got operated within 4 hrs. I have been walking ( no tape or boots) after 6 weeks. Still cannot walk properly and missing a lot of strength. But daily biking ( i am dutch) through the city is fine, same goes for walking around and do xmas shopping. First jog expected in 6 weeks if i believe my fysio. Still will take a full year to be completly back on the old fitness level. So keep up your spirit and practice a lot… Best wishes

  9. I am on week one post op and going stir crazy. I will start doing just upper body lifting today but I was training to climb Mt. kilimanjaro by May 2015. What is average time frame that people start walking?

  10. I am a 63 year old, active cyclist. I received a partial tare of the Achilles tendon with the tendon also separating from the Calcaneus bone. I had surgery 10 days after my fall and am now in my 8th day of recovery. I am doing upper body as well as long arc quad, leg raises and hip abductions to stay strong for when I will be on crutches. I get around the house pretty much now using a knee scooter. I think it is going to be a long time before I am back in my cycle clips.

  11. Greetings,
    Had my staples taken out yesterday, Sept 4th,2014…..13 days after ruptured achilles tendon surgery on Aug 22,2014. I met with my surgeon and he stated all looked great. When I asked him when I would be able to weight bear….he handed me a cane and said today. To my amazement I was able to walk out of the office So excited I went out to lunch with a friend. Real happy to say goodbye to my crutches. Only taking small steps around the house and making sure I elevate the leg after. Follow up with my docter in one month and hope to set up PT then. A little strange in the CAM boot but I feel like I am getting better. Thanks to this site for all the info and inspiration.

  12. Hi guys! Today is day 5 post Achilles debridement/haglunds for me. Im dying to do some upper body weigh lifting. Should be fine right??

  13. Achilles rupture on 11/23/16. I’m a reasonably fit 68 year old who ruptured it playing paddle ball. Big dinner was planned for 11/24 which drove my wife a little nuts. Surgery on 12/5/16. Complete rupture - long rupture with long incision. Post op appt on 12/20. Dr. said it looked good and replaced cast with boot. Can begin weight bearing next couple of days.
    Hurt but did not take pain meds. Key seemed to be to elevate and position leg. Bought the following on Amazon prior to surgery: shower chair, ice pack, suction cup handles, elevation wedge, leg cover bag for shower.. Rented a knee scooter for a month - $58. Did stretching exercises on floor. I was very compliant, but bored as heck. The compliance seemed to be beneficial. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays.

  14. Two days after rupturing my left achilles I´ve started working on core strength exercises. Anybody know any good exercises you can do in the early weeks of rupture whilst wearing a boot?

  15. @mass1blue - just google 1-footed workouts - there are quite a few good ones on YouTube. Check out my blog post for one of them http://achillesblog.com/cserpent/2017/03/10/1-footed-exercise/

  16. mass1blue - as cserpent mentioned, youtube has some exercises you can find that suite you. You can modify a lot of workouts you know already, just make sure not to stretch the calf. You can pretty much do all the upper body weights, just put your NWB knee on a bench or a stool. One footed push ups were my go to at that stage.

    I also started working out within a week of my rupture while wearing a boot and posted few exercises in a boot here: http://achillesblog.com/agnesatr/2016/06/30/week-23-what-does-not-kill-you-makes-you-stronger-jun-17th-30th-2016/
    Just tighten the boot straps a bit more while working out to make sure your foot does not move.

    Also, if you had a surgery you should make sure your wound does not get sweaty, because that can lead to infection. I was non op, so that was not a concern.

    Week 5, I think, I was cleared to do stationary bike and rowing machine while wearing the boot. These were excellent additions to daily workouts.

  17. agnesatr - Thanks for your advice.
    Hey! What´s Pickleball?

  18. mass1blue - pickleball is a combination of tennis/badminton/table tennis. It is a “racket” sport where the players play with wooden paddles and plastic ball on a court that is smaller than tennis court. Here is a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuI_EfeADHw

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