Eating right and Losing Weight

Yes, this isn’t a site dedicated to losing weight. It’s not easy to lose weight, and it’s something a lot of people have a difficult time with.

This is what I know (and believe) works best for me, and it’s a fairly mainstream methodology in losing weight.

I’ve been following religiously some of the items on this list. Others, not so much. However, I am back on track with eating healthier and exercising regularly.

  • Drink in moderation. (A glass of wine with dinner, sometimes two. About once or twice a week)
  • No smoking (I am glad that I never smoked, and I never will)
  • Eat four small meals a day, with 2 healthy snacks. (This is difficult for me. Working on it.)
  • Low-sugar diet
    • No soft drinks (I drink soda at most 5 times a year.)
    • No candy. (Just a little bit of dark chocolate)
    • I can’t give up coffee, but I take it with just milk, no sugar. 1 - 2 cups a day
  • Low-fat diet
    • Eat lean meat
    • Baked instead of fried
    • Eat more fish and vegetables
    • no bacon, no sausages (well mostly..)
    • no potato chips, no fries (this was hard at first)
  • Limit refined flour intake
    • Whole-wheat bread (always)
    • Whole-wheat pasta (always, when eating at home)
    • Limit processed foods in diet
  • Low sodium diet
    • Eat at home more
    • Limit processed foods in diet
  • Weight training.
    • Free weight, upper body workouts for now
    • Push-ups

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17 Responses to “Eating right and Losing Weight”

  1. ive had to start a healthy eating regieme due to being over weight by 42 lb dont ask …….but know it will help my recovery … ive lost 7 lb first week , following the plan , no exercise (just moving round on my crutches brings me out in a sweat !) but as for coffee .. no can do , its the only thing i can enjoy but pleased with my start .

  2. I’m concerned about weight gain over my months of rehabilitation (including the 7 weeks and counting in the air cast). These tips are straightforward and will be very helpful I think!

    Many thanks

  3. I’ve lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. I found out in my pre-op physical that my bad cholesterol level were about 35 points to high so I needed to change my lifestyle to make sure I had a good rest of my life. So started by eating low fat, low cholesterol foods. My wife found some good recipes, I also eat less at meals, especially dinner. I usually have a MMaid Heartwise Orange juice with an Erin Baker Mini Oatmeal cookie for breakfast, a banana or granola (check the labels) for mid morning snack and lunch, then a mid afternoon snack and a resonable dinner. I’ve had a total of one fast food hamburger and one order of fries in the past 6 weeks, and only about a cup of ice cream.
    If you get a chance go to and you can track food, weight etc. It even downloads to you IPhone for free. Of course, there is a paid option that gives you more controls, options, but the free work great for me.

  4. As per my view your daily routine is good enough to keep your diet well. Also you have to maintain your eating habits in a good routine don’t eat too much oily it will increase your fat the only way to burn your fat will be that if you have your exercise and fruits and doing yoga in a good routine.
    Kinesiology Tape

  5. Anyone trying to lose weight - take care to get adequate protein. Your muscle is trying to rebuild itself. I figued antioxidant foods (green tea, blueberries etcetc) might help as well.

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  9. I am worried about gaining the weight I lost prior to this injury> Any suggestions?

  10. leftynogolf1, it’s awful for most of us to have to be relatively inactive for a few weeks, and to give up our favorite sports for months. And the “bad news” is that activity and fitness have clearly been shown to have enormous health benefits in may areas.
    But the “good news” is that weight loss is NOT reliably one of the benefits of activity and fitness. Muscle weighs more than fat, and many of us experience increased appetites (including food! ;-) ) from exercising, which can easily negate the weight-loss effect of burning those calories.
    Indeed, in several discussions here, many of us (including me) have reported stable or even decreasing weight during ATR rehab.
    I think the main key is to avoid using food inappropriately — as a cure for shut-in boredom, or frustration, or the depression that some ATR patients feel.
    Another bit of good news is that many ATR patients here have reported an improvement in fitness and activity levels after they recovered from the ATR.

  11. Easy - make sure you have a fast protocol! Then you can get out there again, burn off the calories, build the muscle back up.

    I’m being flippant I know, but you know it’s right.

  12. I have lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks by cutting out large meals nothing else. The pain killers suppressed my appetite at beginning but I made a conscious effort not to put on any weight. Now I am exercising more my appetite has returned so I need to be careful.

  13. I hope I’m in the right place. I had a complete Achilles tendon rupture without even knowing that it had happened. I just had a limp and they did an MRI. Surprise!! Your tendon is gone and surgery is tomorrow. That was in April, 2015. Fast forward to August, 2015 and I’m getting around without a cane. I have a little bit of a limp but I’m finally going back to the gym today. I followed the regime suggested by Dennis and it absolutely works. I fell off the wagon a bit while I was recovering, but going from exercising almost everyday to zero exercise was really difficult emotionally and physically. I have gained too much weight and I’m back to the regime and back to the gym. I hope I can lose the weight as fast as I gained it.

  14. I’ve published an essay at this blog about the risks of quick loosing weight. It always should be controlled and approved by an expert.

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