Taking care of your body

Here are some helpful information for taking care of yourself during the recovery process (and beyond). They may be obvious, but it helps me to be reminded of it.

  • A healthy diet
  • Cut out things that are bad for you (Luckily I never smoked, and I don’t drink heavily.)
  • Positive Thinking!
  • Surround yourself with people who care about you.
  • Get a good amount of sleep every day.
  • Lower your stress levels.
  • With your doctor’s consent, start exercising. Upper-body workouts especially.
  • Get to your ideal body weight (Yes, harder said than done)
  • Dietary supplements (multi vitamins, chondroitin ?, glucosamine ?)

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  1. I am 7 months post op and I still experience swelling and some discomfort. Any suggestions to help with this

  2. kathy devore - I’ve heard that compression socks help. There’s been some discussion about compression socks here. I haven’t used them though.


    Keep us posted on your recovery.

  3. Hi guys,

    wondering if anyone can help, ruptured my achilles just under 2 weeks back. Prior to the injury, played football 1-2 a week and gym 3-4 times a week. Without which Im very concious of what Im eating. Im currently substituting one meal a day for a plate of fruit!

    Any useful advices/links/sources of information to minimising weight gain whilst sitting on my arse whilst rehibillitating? EG eating the right food

    Many thanks

  4. Good question - I wish I would have asked it. My injury was June 11. Since then I am up 15 pounds. I’ve been working out too, but not at nearly the same intensity. “Comfort food” has taken it’s toll on me!

  5. Mustan - Best advice I can give is portion control and avoid the junk food. I would also recommend counting calories during the day to see how much you consume. There are a lot of online tools that can help with calorie counting. Reduce your caloric intake as necessary to account for your reduced activity level.

  6. I am 6 days “in” and significant weight gain is one of my major concerns.
    Any updates or recommendations appreciated.
    Thanx ‘NWB Golden Boy’

  7. I actually lost 20 pounds! Because for so long I couldn’t get up and get that bowl of ice cream, I couldn’t hit the drive-through to get a Frappucino and I couldn’t run to the store. Also I would think about eating things that I perceived (rightly or wrongly) would help me heal, so I ate more protein, more fruits and veg than normal. And also I think I was a little depressed for a while. So weight gain might not be the issue you think it is going to be. Plus once you are on crutches but still non weight bearing you are really getting a workout!

  8. Weight gain is a serious threat… Ask family to keep junk food out of sight or at least out of reach: top shelf in the kitchen cabinet is a sure spot: you won’t go up there for a few weeks!

  9. I too was afraid of weight gain but I think I lost a few pounds. I agree with Mary because I can’t drive I am not able to go thru the drive thru. For the first month I was also in a lot of pain and so tired that I probably only ate one meal a day because I could not bother because I was so tired ( not that I am promoting to eat one meal a day) just being honest.

  10. It’s very much important to take care of our body. For this we should do exercise and yoga on a daily basis to keep us fit and fine. As we all know that a healthy body makes a wealth full person.
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  11. Hi, what about drinking clean water and breathing clean air?
    These are also important components of taking care about our bodies.

  12. Hey Im still recovering from my second achilles repair and my nutritionist told me about a supplement called ARC made by mendrx, and it has helped me a lot especially right after surgery. the site is http://www.mendrx.com.

  13. First week in and I am worried about weight gain too. Keeping junk food away and having flask of green tea at my side helping. Understand where you’re coming from though, especially when used to doing lots.

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