Here’s a quick question for the community:  Can I still exercise with this a cast on?  I know not to put pressure/weight on it but has anyone had success with pilates or yoga or anything else to stay in shape/tone?

What exercises are good to get your leg back to its normal size?  I can see my left leg wasting away…it’s scary. It’s amazing how the body reacts when you restrict movement…

Any advice to share?


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  1. bcurr on July 30, 2011 9:52 am

    I found raised leg core work give your “bad” thigh a work out.
    Examples: (0 to 2m 30s)

    As for calf, unless someone can correct me, you’re a bit stumped as everything to work it seems to involve the achilles.

    Definitely keep everything else good though as it will no doubt help :-)

  2. univofpittbull on August 1, 2011 10:09 am

    I don’t know how your cast fits and feels but I didn’t have any desire to get sweaty in my cast. Also, whenever my foot was down for more than 5 minutes it would swell in the cast and become super uncomfortable. I would try to wait until you’re in the boot to start playing around with working out. But, then again, I haven’t exactly been a stickler to recovery plans anyway. So, just be careful whatever road you take.

    Good Luck.

  3. liverpoollass on August 1, 2011 2:17 pm

    I know lots have continued to do upper body strength, also made use of stationary bikes. Not sure about yogo, but I’m sure some of the non weight bearing pilates would be fine. Also lots have used boot covers and ventured into the swimming pool. Personally I didn’t do anything until I was FWB and even then just very gentle. As said above, whatever you do be careful.

  4. cellblock4 on August 1, 2011 8:44 pm

    i wouldn’t do anything for the first 4 weeks which is usually NWB. Once i was FWB, i returned to the boxing gym and hit the bag, did rope undulation, push ups with bad leg over good, some yoga that doesn’t stretch the AT, and the stationary bike. hope that helps.

  5. rugbyjo on August 7, 2011 11:13 am

    I had my surgery on July 26…rupture on the 23rd. I just had my first post-op visit and talked to my doc about working out. Fyi…he took off my cast and stitches and now I’m in the boot. Anyways, he said if I wanted to stationary bike, only use my good leg…ugh. he suggested swimming and putting something between my legs so you are not exerting the AT. My plan starting on Monday will be to mainly focus on upper body - push-ups on a block or stairs, weights, lots of ab workouts - I’m also planning on doing alot of leg lifts but adding an ankle weight to my non-injured to even out the weight of the boot. It’s not a ton of stuff to do but being an active person - its hard to not workout. Good luck. My nerves - going to the gym with the boot and either my crutches or knee walker. I’m a bit lucky, the company I work for sells healthcare equipment and I found out on Friday that when I go back to work Monday …they’ve got a knee walker waiting for me.

  6. peterc on August 7, 2011 3:35 pm

    This blog is great, Thanks!

    I tore my Achilles on July 14th, had surgery on the 19th and was put into a cast on 21st. My tear was a result of softball and a bone spur that had grown from years of micro tears which caused mt body to produce calcium and a large bump on my heel. Essentially, the spur slowly shredded the tendon finally it got so weak it tore. The surgery in addition to repairing the torn tendon involved a shaving down of the bone spur.

    My routine has been to go to the gym every day and do a mix of core and upper body. So far so good. great for keeping a positive attitude! About 2 weeks after the cast went on I started to ride the stationary bike 25 min a day with one leg. All this keeps me from going crazy and helps keep a positive attitude.

    I use a “Knee Up” walker instead of crutches when I can and boy is it fantastic. You an actually use your hands! I really recommend this if you can rent one. Mine is $140 for a 4 week period. So worth it.

    I have a friend who went through my exact surgery (VOLUNTARILY) in Jan and she is back to running and doing very well. So I know it’s a long haul, but what are you going to do. I have had 4, yes 4, ACL surgeries in the last decade and I can tell you that a slow and steady REHAB is the way to go. You end up at the same place in roughly the same time.

    Don’t push it. It’s a marathon, UNFORTUNATELY.

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