1st Orthopedic appt

Posted on June 11th, 2013 in Uncategorized by 1shann

Three days after  the injury I was able to see an orthopedic doctor at my local hospital. I was more than ready to gear ER say that the tendon was merely stressed, that I should take it easy for the rest of the week and that I would be work ready and raring to go by next Monday. The fat splint had been a terrible burden over the day couple of days and I was vey ready to be done with it.

I was prepared to wait at the drs office as I knew that they were squeezing me in between appointments. Finally, a nurse came in and began unwrapping my leg. When my foot and leg were revealed I immediately became queasy. It was grossly swollen and the pain certainly flared up when I was released from my  leg cocoon. Deep breathe. Enter surgeon.

surgery was not an idea that I had entertained at all.  Surely this injury was going to work itself out. The surgeon had me flip over onto my stomach and she ran her hands down my calf. Intact, she exclaimed, the nurses and I cheered and (I swear) a sunbeam flowed though the window… But the happiness didn’t last long. She found a tear. Suddenly the sunbeam was gone and my eyes were leaking. The doctor was trying to explain options and I was spouting off at the mouth about missing work, driving & fun summer plans that I had been hatching for the past several months… In the end decided to go the surgical route because the doc said that there was less chance of reinjury. Reinjury. The word alone turns my tummy… My foot felt very naked and vulnerable while I hobbled down to the X-ray dept (down a floor and many hallways from ortho) to get my preop tests done. I was so exhausted that I asked for a wheelchair ride back to doc’s office. Surgery was scheduled for the next day.

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  1. kellygirl said,

    on June 12th, 2013 at 1:09 am

    Sorry to hear about your injury. It is a total drag and I can sympathize. It took a couple of days for it to sink it for me–realizing all the things that I couldn’t do anymore. I know it’s hard but it will get better. There’s lot of great reading material here and lots of extremely knowledgeable people around to answer questions and give moral support. Hang in there–we are all in this together :)

  2. craiger9er said,

    on June 12th, 2013 at 8:57 am

    I went to the E.R. within an hour after injury and they confirmed my fear that I tore mine. I asked how long I’d be out of work and the ER Dr said 4-6 WEEKS. I put my head back and sighed, wasn’t really happy but figured I could make it that long. The next day I made it to the orthopedic surgeon, who said I need surgery and I’m out 4-6 MONTHS - I had the same thoughts as you - there goes all my summer plans, work, etc…..I’m about at 3 weeks now, still NWB, but it does get easier. Hang in there and keep your head up.

  3. 1shann said,

    on June 12th, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Thank you, Folks :)
    It is great to connect with people that know first hand what I am going through. I am keeping my chin up as much as I can. Today marks a week since surgery and I am feeling stronger on my crutches and familiar with my new routine to know that being bitter, sad and mad is not going to help out….
    Thanks for the support- it makes a world of difference.

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