I haven’t sent an update out and I apologize for that.  Once you get moving again, you don’t have the time you once had.  To close this blog out, I can report that on June 1, 2019 I ran my first road race and finished.  I ran 5 miles in 31:20 (about [...]

2.5 years out - best advice: RELAX and BE PATIENT

I’m just about 2 1/2 years from my injury.  Time flies.  I’m extremely happy to say that I’ve made almost a full recovery from this injury.  The only reason I say "almost" is that I haven’t fully thrown myself back into training yet.  I’ve not run any road races yet, but I run a couple [...]

13 Months – Still working on this…

I’ve been back in the boot for going on two months now – off and on. I’m wearing it more now than when I first had the surgery. I have good days and bad days with my lower heal becoming sore as the day goes on if I’m out of the boot too [...]


February 6, 2017
One year. One year ago tonight, I ruptured my achilles tendon. Here I am, back in a boot, having never fully recovered. I’m not sure if I’ll ever really recover from this and be able to do the things that I used to do. That’s frustrating and upsetting, but [...]

8 and 9 months post-op

9 months out. I wish I could say that I’m back to feeling somewhat normal, but I’m not. This is the reason I haven’t posted any updates to this blog because I really don’t have any. Anytime I’ve tried to run outside, I’m finding soreness and swelling that bothers me for a [...]

7 months Post Op

I’ve had my turn-around month finally. I guess the 6-7 month mark holds true for a lot of people. On Feb. 11th I had my surgery.  On Sept 4th, I was able to go for a solid two mile run. So, it took me just under 7 months.

S0 since August 11th, my PT was [...]

6 MONTHS - Post Surgery

Aug. 11th, 2016 -  It’s now 6 months to the day that I had surgery to repair my torn Achilles tendon. It’s been a long stretch, filled with ups and downs and I’m still working on returning to “normal”. I wouldn’t wish this injury on anyone, however the experience is unique and one [...]

Week 25 Post Op - Starting to see some Daylight

August 1st – 6th – 25 Weeks
Back with my PT - she believes my pain maybe bursitis or some other tendonitis. The calf and achilles seem strong. I actually did 10 unassisted heel raises. Dr. visit on Wednes will confirm. She recommended taking over the counter ibuprofen or some other anti-inflammatory to [...]

24 Weeks Post Op - Still Can’t Run!

I’m still in limbo here.  Almost 6 months in and still unable to run.  I’ve been stretching more, and as of last week I started feeling less pain pushing off throughout the day. Stretching seems to temporarily help. On Sunday July 24, I was panicking throughout the night as I’ve been reading about [...]

22/23 WEEKS – July 21st

I’m at 5 ½ months. I really thought I’d be farther along than I am, given my research on how others have progressed, but I guess everyone is different. I came back to PT a week after my bad news from my surgeon and spoke to my PT. She felt like the [...]