I haven’t sent an update out and I apologize for that.  Once you get moving again, you don’t have the time you once had.  To close this blog out, I can report that on June 1, 2019 I ran my first road race and finished.  I ran 5 miles in 31:20 (about 6:15 per mile).  Not bad for a 46 year old who was out for over a year with a torn achilles tendon.  At one point I thought I was permanently disabled!    Since that time, I started to get some longer runs in and ran up to 13 miles in one run.  No achilles pain.    I’ve also come into some down time and pain with overuse when I started to try to do some faster speed work.  Rest is the best fix when it gets sore.  Rest meaning not running for months - unfortunately.  The achilles is unforgiving if you push it too far.  Listen to the pain in that area.  Be patient.

For those who are reading this early on in the ATR game, be patient.  You can make a full recovery.  Don’t rush it.

Focus on rest and the other things that are important in your life.  You’ll get there.

2 Responses to “Comeback”

  1. Kevin, thank you for the blog and all the details throughout your recovery. I just turned 29 this month and ruptured my Achilles that same weekend playing basketball. I’m almost 2 weeks postop.
    I’ll be in a cast for a total of 3 weeks then a boot for 4-6 weeks I believe.
    Glad to hear you are back!


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