13 Months – Still working on this…

I’ve been back in the boot for going on two months now – off and on. I’m wearing it more now than when I first had the surgery. I have good days and bad days with my lower heal becoming sore as the day goes on if I’m out of the boot too long. More recently I’ve been having better days and I’ve been walking around my house with no or very little pain. It’s thankfully still winter and the weather is horrible so I don’t have any yardwork I can do which would only complicate my issue. I have the time to rest this and hopefully get it right. I encourage anyone reading this who is just starting out to take it EASY. Use your boot when told to use it – even if the Dr. says you can go without it from time to time – you are better off using it to take the pressure off that heel area. I’m not doing any rehab right now – only light stretching and some mobility drills to keep range of motion. I will get back to rehab when the pain is consistently gone without the boot. I have good days and bad days, but the good have been getting more frequent. In looking at the lump on my heel, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to run long distance again. Feel free to take a look at this recent video. Anyone with any advice – I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. Good luck – be patient.


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  1. Hey Kevin
    I stumbled upon your post today and then read through your blog to see why/how/when things went south for you.
    First off, I hope things have improved for you since this post.
    Second, your story sounds sadly familiar to me. I had ankle surgery last April (2016), and always felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back, until I had surgery again this March.
    I definitely understand your incredible frustration. I too wonder if I will ever be able to do many of the activities that I used to love. I also understand the emotional burden of saying “I’m fine” when you’re really not, because it’s easier and you’re so tired of saying the same tedious answer of why you’re not fine.
    And I know what it’s like seeing others around you improve while you are stuck in a holding pattern.
    They say misery loves company, so if it’s any consolation, know you’re not alone. It’s a struggle for sure. I truly wish you well. I don’t know how often you check in here, but I hope you will, with a progress report, whatever it may be…hopefully good news.

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