7 months Post Op

I’ve had my turn-around month finally. I guess the 6-7 month mark holds true for a lot of people. On Feb. 11th I had my surgery.  On Sept 4th, I was able to go for a solid two mile run. So, it took me just under 7 months.

S0 since August 11th, my PT was giving me more aggressive graston and I was still doing their PT without much running.   It was mostly light jogging for a minute or two.  On Aug. 20 we went to the beach for the week. I had a week without PT and a week of walking on the beach, chasing my kids in the water, walking on the boardwalk and just walking a LOT. I didn’t even attempt any running. I believe this came at the right time, because it forced me to do more than I would have done at PT and challenged me to push more than I would have for several hours rather than just the 45 minute PT session. I came back home and started running more comfortably on a treadmill during the week of August 28. On Sept 3, I jogged with the kids to the local park – we rested and played around there and then ran back for a total of 1.5 mile run on the road at about 9:30 min/mile pace. The next day I still felt good so later in the afternoon after I was well warmed up – I went out on my own for a “test”. I set out to go out a mile and come back. I was prepared to jog around 9 min pace just to get something more substantial than the 3 min treadmill runs and the jog with the kids. I felt the Achilles as I started – as I always do – as it’s so thick and tight I believe I’m always going to feel it. But as I ran it got a little better and felt looser. I found myself maintaining a low 8 min mile pace! I was happy that I was able to get down that low and it felt loose. I stopped and stretched real quick at the mile and then started back. I felt good so I pushed it a little more and was UNDER 8 min pace. I finished up strong – but no sprinting – and came in at 7:17 for the last mile! I felt awesome actually RUNNING again and relieved that I may someday be able to get back to running -somewhat – fast again. This was a HUGE breakthrough. The consistent stretching each morning and the normal process of walking throughout the day has helped but I believe the biggest factor in this was also just TIME. Patience is key – which I have very little of – so this whole process has been hard for me to deal with. Since that awesome afternoon of September 4th , I haven’t repeated the two mile “record run”, because I don’t want to push it. I’m going to the gym more consistently, and I’ve run 1-2 miles on the treadmill when I do, but they are easy jog/runs. I’m still very tight and sore in the morning and if I sit too long, I can’t move right away without stretching it out some. I still have a long way to go, but I believe it’s possible. I’m done with going to PT and was cleared but I’d like to seek out someone with more knowledge in the recovery from this injury and get some treatment/advice from them. I’m just relieved at this point because I believe this is healing correctly and that I just need to do what I’m doing. Light running – stretching and basic core/exercise at the gym. Time seems to be the biggest factor.  I believe that I did too much, too early and I paid the price.  My tendon is much thicker than the other side - which is normal but mine is a lot bigger.  The surgeon says that is because I was probably stressing it too early and a lot of scar tissue formed.  My biggest bit of advice to anyone who just gets their cast off is to NOT walk or put pressure on it if you are not told by the Dr. to do so.  Wear the boot!  I still have a long road ahead, but I hope that by the time I get to my year mark that I’ll be as close to normal as I can be.

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  1. Good to hear you’re making progress again. I was in the same boat last month. You’re absolutely right on time being a factor. That and mixing things up.

    Just today I woke up, and like magic, had a tremendously higher amount of power and range in my single leg raise, in addition to more spring.

    Time, and mixing things up.

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