6 MONTHS - Post Surgery

Aug. 11th, 2016 -  It’s now 6 months to the day that I had surgery to repair my torn Achilles tendon. It’s been a long stretch, filled with ups and downs and I’m still working on returning to “normal”. I wouldn’t wish this injury on anyone, however the experience is unique and one that makes you appreciate the everyday things we take for granted. My family, friends and co-workers all have helped me out in many different ways and I’m extremely appreciative, thankful and very lucky!

The road to recovery continues as I pass this 6 month milestone with a bit of anxiety about the future of my ability to do what I used to do.   I started jogging again and I’m still not comfortable - but not as painful as I was two months ago. The PTs opinion is that it’s scar tissue at the heel and maybe some tendinitis. I’m basically safe to push through this pain a bit. I hope she is right. I’m very worried that they had me doing too much early on and scar tissue has formed that will never go away on my heel. My heel is still HUGE and I don’t know how it’s every going to go down. I worry this will always bother me. The plan is that graston will make it gradually subside and the pain/discomfort will go away with it. We will see.

I still wear my boot every night and I stretch every morning.  I’m also incorporating some over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs once a day.  I’m jogging - only at PT- for about 2 mins at a time and walking in between for overall time on treadmill at 15-20mins.  I also go to the gym maybe once a week.  I’d go more but I’ve been worried I’m on my feet too much and causing more problems.  I pulled back on my own workouts and now I just stretch on my non-PT days.  It’s unreal that a half year has gone by and I still am very limited.  I’m looking forward to running outside soon - well, jogging outside soon.  No ‘real’ running for quite awhile it would seem.

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  1. I’ve never heard about “adhesions sticking together”. Are you having trouble with double leg or single leg raises - or both? I wish I could be of more help. At 5 months, I could do a single raise - barely, but still tight and sore everyday - and very thick.

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