Week 25 Post Op - Starting to see some Daylight

August 1st – 6th – 25 Weeks

Back with my PT - she believes my pain maybe bursitis or some other tendonitis. The calf and achilles seem strong. I actually did 10 unassisted heel raises. Dr. visit on Wednes will confirm. She recommended taking over the counter ibuprofen or some other anti-inflammatory to help. I’ve taken nothing this entire time. I still have good days and bad days. I’m more positive and happy that its most likely tendinitis and not something wrong with the achilles healing. The next day, I took two aleve and several hours later, my foot had very little pain! I actually felt like I could run – but didn’t. DR visit on the following day – Dr. Rick said the tendon and calf look strong and no problems there. He did say that it looks like it healed "thicker" than usual but that shouldn’t be a problem. He blamed that on "doing too much" but I don’t believe I’ve been doing anything out of the ordinary - that anyone else wouldn’t do. He also believes it to be tendinitis and to rest, take anti-inflammatory and gradually work back up. He said graston would be good to continue to break down scar tissue. Once I get past this tendinitis, I can get back to running.

I went to the gym the next day and did a stretching routine and my normal lifting routine. My heel and ankle were sore the following day – but not as bad as it has been. Still taking some Aleve and that seems to help. I start back at PT on Aug 8th . The 6 month mark is approaching. Anyone with any opinion or thoughts on "healing thicker" than normal - I’d like to hear them.  Thanks.

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  1. My repaired tendon is definitely thicker than the uninjured side, by quite a bit. Most of it is scar tissue buildup, as it is softer to the touch. I do plan to update my blog with photos sometime soon, and these will demonstrate how much thicker the tendon is.

    I have spoken to colleagues and friends who have had this injury - they all have a thicker tendon.

    Good to hear you’re doing better and that it’s tendinitis and nothing worse.

  2. Jayant - everyone is different. At 10 weeks, I would think the average person would start to walk normally, but you will have to work with a physical therapist and your Dr. to know what is best for you. The one thing I can tell you is that you will deal with this everyday for the next few months - at least. I’m 27 weeks in and I deal with it every day. It’s getting better, but extremely slow. Be patient.

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