24 Weeks Post Op - Still Can’t Run!

I’m still in limbo here.  Almost 6 months in and still unable to run.  I’ve been stretching more, and as of last week I started feeling less pain pushing off throughout the day. Stretching seems to temporarily help. On Sunday July 24, I was panicking throughout the night as I’ve been reading about people who didn’t heal correctly - their tendon was overstretched early - in the first month - and it healed longer than it should have. They have ankle pain and can’t push off correctly. The tendon doesn’t have a strong connection to the calf and the calf muscle does not work as it should. The only resolution is to have surgery and start over. I can’t imagine that!!!! As I tested out my ability to push off, I find that I have pain pushing off, but I can stand on my toes with that foot – with no pain - which to me means it’s strong. I may have some sort of tendonitis in my ankle - which is where the pain is - from all of my activity. My Dr visit is next week and I will ask him about this. If I have to start over, I may just go insane. I had a decent PT session on Monday July 25 - still no running, but once I stretched my plantar and calf I felt no pain pushing off on my walk. The next two days, however, I was sore and I had to cut the walk short my next PT session due to the ankle pain creeping back. I’m not doing anything other than stretching until next week. I see my regular PT for the first time in over two weeks (she was on vacation) then the Dr on Wednesday. This is beyond frustrating and I do have some concerns it’s not healing right. I’ll post a video as well so if anyone has any feedback, I’d appreciate it. I’d also like to thank everyone for the feedback thus far.


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  1. Seems you have some decent strength and range on the injured side. That does not look like you’ve “healed long:” at all. Try doing a seated calf raise with your knees at 90 degrees. If you can get your heel up as high as the other side, you probably didn’t heal long. Healing long precludes that sort of range of even being possible. It’s probably a strength deficit, like mine (I had the same fear a few weeks ago).

    Based on what you’re saying, sounds like tendinitis. Based on how it looks, I’d also guess tendinitis. Tendon is probably getting worked too much. If it gets worse with activity, that’s pretty trademark tendinitis. But I’m no doctor.

    From AOFAS…

    “There is enlargement and warmth of the tendon 1 to 4 inches above its heel insertion. Pain and sometimes a scratching feeling may be created by gently squeezing the tendon between the thumb and forefinger during ankle motion. There may be weakness in push-off strength with walking. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can define the extent of degeneration, the degree to which the tendon sheath is involved and the presence of other problems in this area, but the diagnosis is mostly clinical.”

    Take it easy and give it some TLC (lots of icing, elevation, warm compress, etc) until your appointment. Good luck.

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