22/23 WEEKS – July 21st

I’m at 5 ½ months. I really thought I’d be farther along than I am, given my research on how others have progressed, but I guess everyone is different. I came back to PT a week after my bad news from my surgeon and spoke to my PT. She felt like the Dr. was being overly cautious but we would start back walking and progress into running. She then told me that she was going away for vacation for two weeks and I was going to work with other PTs. GREAT! I was not motivated. I came back to PT the following week and went through the motions. The other PTs did nothing more than ask me how I was doing. I’m quite honestly tired of telling people that my heel hurts when I walk, so my response now is, “I’m fine”. Some days are better than others, but everyday it aches when I walk – so forget about running. I even stopped going to the gym on my own – up until this week. I had two good gym sessions lifting weights and swimming so that’s helped motivation, but the pain has mostly still remained so I’m completely unmotivated to go to therapy.  The PTs there offer no benefit to me at this point. What would help me out is if the PTs would help stretch me out and massage my calf prior to walking/running. I think that should be a part of my routine, but I’m sure not going to ask them to do it. And because I’m not Kobe Bryant I’m sure they won’t do it!! I’ve focused more (on my own) on stretching out my plantar and my calf/ hamstring in hopes to reduce the stress on my heel. I believe this is helping. If not for today, this post would be mostly negative. Today – I actually felt better. Not great, but I had moments where I could walk without any pain. I hope this progresses and I can start to jog again. I still have no desire to go back to PT. I can do all of what I do there on my own and more so come my next visit in two weeks I’ll probably ask to phase out PT. Right now, I’m still slightly swollen at night and I still use the cold ankle compress. I hope the next couple of weeks bring me some results. Thanks for those of you who asked about my progress.

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  1. Having to work with someone else (a PT) that isn’t really apprised of your situation can be frustrating, but they can also offer “outside of the box” thinking and a new approach.

    In the course of my formal PT, I had to use someone else just once, but she did a fantastic job. A lot of it lies in how you’re able to articulate what your issues are, and what you want to do. Otherwise, they will simply just go through the motions with you.

    How would you rate your pain on a 1-10 scale? And where specifically is it, right on the repair site (where that lump is)? Elsewhere in the tendon or calf?

    You seem to be doing really well aside from your soreness/pain issues, so I wouldn’t let it get you down. Your calf size on the injured side looks great, and you’re able to SL raise, correct?

    Perhaps I missed it in another post, but has your provider offered to do any imaging to see what’s happening underneath?

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