24 Weeks Post Op - Still Can’t Run!

I’m still in limbo here.  Almost 6 months in and still unable to run.  I’ve been stretching more, and as of last week I started feeling less pain pushing off throughout the day. Stretching seems to temporarily help. On Sunday July 24, I was panicking throughout the night as I’ve been reading about [...]

22/23 WEEKS – July 21st

I’m at 5 ½ months. I really thought I’d be farther along than I am, given my research on how others have progressed, but I guess everyone is different. I came back to PT a week after my bad news from my surgeon and spoke to my PT. She felt like the [...]

20-21 weeks Post Op

Stalled out –
7/5/16 - I haven’t been seeing much progress this past month. I have my monthly visit with the surgeon and I have little news to report to him. I’m doing the same amount of running I was the last time I saw him. Told my PT  I’m frustrated with my [...]