Week 18-19

I hit week 19 tomorrow.  I’ve hit a bit of a setback in that I overdid it a little last week and I’m paying the price this week.  I’ve been really sore around the calcaneus bone.  It was painful enough that I’ve been holding back the last 5 days from PT or any significant exercises.   I had a hard PT session last Friday and a work event that night which kept me on my feet and walking a bit.  The next day I couldn’t walk normally and that pain extended into Monday-Tuesday.  I stopped my PT for a few days.  I felt much better today and hope to continue on where I left off.  I’m starting each session with about 20-25mins of walking and jogging - up to 6.5 mph.  I don’t run more than 4-5mins straight though.  My therapist started me on plyometrics and has been adding new exercises each week.  I started doing "truck tire bounds" where I stand on one foot and leap to the next foot as if jumping into a truck tire.  That is challenging with a recovering achilles!  My PT told me that I don’t need any massage or graston any longer - which I was surprised to hear.  I’m still thick and swollen in that area so I was hoping to continue on with that.  She told me that she would do it as needed.  I wish I could say that I feel great - but I don’t.  Even prior to this weeks setback with pain, I always have discomfort in that area.  I wake up limping and I go to bed limping.  I find my normal stride throughout the day, but I can still always feel it.  I keep waiting to break through this wall and feel somewhat normal, but I guess it’s going to take awhile longer for me.  My visits to the gym on my non-pt days are less frequent due to the yardwork I need to get done.  I am showing slight improvement in my ability to do more exercises and jog a little faster each week so I can’t complain.  Progress is steady and slow - but I still have progress.   No videos for me as I don’t have much different to show at this point.

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  1. Good way to start each session. Since you’ve officially started plyos and are jumping (at least a little), how many sets and what exercises do they have you doing? I’m just curious. For me it’s been controlled squat jumping and(jumping on my toes with minimal knee bend (think jump rope without the rope). Also been doing some high-knee back and forth across the gym, focusing on lighter toe push-off. I am actually thinking of throwing in jump rope as an exercise starting today.

    I’m in the same boat with Graston and have exhausted PT. Thicker and a bit swollen in the tendon just like you, but when I look at it from the sides it looks like there’s some definition (mostly on the inside by the ankle). From the back it is just a puffy mess and my calf is rather pathetic and unsightly when flexed. Long way to go on building that back up.

    Don’t let it get you down. There are definitely days where you feel like you’re getting nowhere. After days I really push it in the gym I get really sore at night and in the AM. You eventually walk it off. Once you get it moving quicker and harder in the morning it’ll warm up and feel better. I make it a point to stretch in the shower and then walk upstairs on my toes. By the time I’m out the door I feel mostly normal.

    When you jog, do you feel like you’re pivoting off of your injured leg without much spring, as I do? I can conceal the injury rather OK and it looks like I’m jogging mostly normal, but I can definitely feel something totally different and don’t have much of any spring there yet.

    Also, can you single leg raise yet? I’m able to very easily in the lower eccentric range, up and down repeatedly, but once I get above parallel to the ground, I really can’t get much higher without assist. I’ve been focusing on that extra toe push/last 25% of the raise during calf press sessions and eccentrics, and am seeing very slow progress. Very frustrating.

    You’re where you should be, so keep your head up. You’ll eventually have a day where you feel like you break through the plateau. Really just need to mix up those workouts!


  2. I’m doing squat jumps (2 sets of 10 reps), lateral jumps (jumping with both legs side to side) 2 sets of 30 seconds continuous and truck tire bounds (standing on one foot and leaping) - five leaps x 5. They are tough, but I feel good after having done them.
    I still feel like I could benefit from hand massage of the achilles area, but it will be on a case to case basis according to the PT.
    I don’t have much spring in my step when running, but I’m also running much slower than I’ve ever run. I’m jogging at 10-11 min pace per mile and I used to be running high 6- low 7 min pace, so my push off is hardly noticeable. I feel normal at the pace I’m at but it’s definitely still very weak. I can’t do a full single leg raise yet. That just comes with time - I believe. At 5 months you are doing phenomenal. My issue is that I’m still engaged in a lot of activity outside of PT and that’s been causing me to overdo it somedays. Keep doing what you’re doing with changing things up. Looks good!

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