Week 16/17 – 4 months!

Week 16/17 – 4 months!

I have good days and bad days and the frustration that this won’t feel normal for a long time. Trying to stay positive though! I’m past week 16 and now headed towards 4 full months since surgery. I’m going through the grind that is PT and still trying to do some things on my own – but I have a lot to do in my yard, and I assistant coach in baseball, so I’ve been opting for all of that over my own time at the gym. I can still only be on my foot for so many hours during the day and I have to get things done around the house and with my kids. I still have some soreness and swelling at night so I still use the cold gel therapy wrap I bought.  That has been worth every penny.

I never miss my PT sessions – 3x a week, but I haven’t been doing as much on my own because I’m so active with everything else on a daily basis. I do see some improvement, but it’s not great. I’m jogging/walking for 20-30 mins but no jog lasts longer than 3 mins. It doesn’t feel comfortable at all. It’s tight and I used to have a nice, long stride. Now I feel like I’m shuffling. It’s been a little frustrating coming from my background of running. So while I am "running", I’m not doing what I’m used to doing.  I’m running up to 6mph, which may be too quick for me at this point. I’m trying to stay positive and keep telling myself that I have to start somewhere.

Given my increased activity, I have good days and bad days. One day last week I stopped jogging because of the soreness that wouldn’t go away and I shortened my PT session. I try to look at my progress on a week to week basis vs. what I did the previous PT session.  On a positive note, I can slightly lift up my foot to do a single leg heel raise – it’s slight – probably a centimeter, but it’s a start. I plan to continue to try and jog more. I’m no longer biking but am still attempting to swim at the end of my gym workouts. I expect to see great improvement over the next month. Thanks to everyone else who posts here.  It’s been motivating following everyone.

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  1. Kevin - hard to know what is happening here with you. PT 3 times a week at 4 months is quite a bit and I would have thought you would be tapering off and doing more on your own. It seems there is a need for strengthening and maybe you have reached a plateau. I would not expect a jog to be comfortable at your stage but walking should be easy enough for quite a distance. The soreness and swelling is quite normal. All I can say is stick with it and push on. Work on the eccentric exercises and do not sweat the single raise. Walking stairs and hills is good as well.

  2. Hey Kevin, I am just a few weeks ahead of you, week 21. Be patient with your recovery. I can jog a couple miles now, but at week 17 there was no way I could have done that. My PT advised not to try jogging until I could do 3 sets of 25 single heel lifts. At 17 weeks, I could maybe do 2 pitiful lifts. But I really focused on working my calves throughout the day. Beanie had a good post w calf raise info. I also used the giant stepper at the gym to build leg strength, and would tiptoe on it in interval sets. Hang in there. I bet you will see some gains soon.

  3. You’re basically where you should be, keep up the good work! You’re a week or two behind me and right where I was at that point if not better.

    The single leg raise is a frustrating one, isn’t it? Try to do more assisted unilaterals. If you can hold onto something - anything - and try to do a raise with just the one, you’ll be able to decrease the support required over a number of days.

    Stairmaster has really helped loosen things up for me and build up stamina and strength. I stay on my toes and walk for a few minutes that way, rest a couple, then do more. Wash rinse repeat.

    I think a lot of people get hung up on strength gains in this recovery because they’re doing the same thing over and over, and simply adding weight and reps without changing up how the muscle and tendon are hit.

    I’m sure you know, but changing up your routines and adding different variations will help you past any plateaus. Change the angle of your heels and toes on calf press, do a set of full range calf press, then the next come down only half way.. Imagine board presses for bench. Stopping in different places and using a different ROM works different parts of the muscle. BOSU ball for balance has almost limitless possibilities.


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