15 weeks (3 1/2 months) post surgery

I’m posting less often because I’m incredibly busy with work - and everything.  I’ll try to continue to post progress at least every two weeks.  PT is much the same - with the exception of me being able to jog more now!  I no longer have to use the elyptical - which I’ve never liked!  Was doing 10 mins on elyptical as well as walking on treadmill - now just focused on treadmill.  That happened this past week - at 15 weeks.   I start off PT with a walk  5 mins and then go into a light 2 mins at 4mph.  I then walk a min and then do 2.5 mins at 4.5mph, I then jump off and stretch with the calf block stretching tool - get back on treadmill and walk for 1 min and go into 2.5 mins at 5mph.  I then finish off with walking for a total of 15 mins of walking/jogging.   Running at 5mph felt much more like actual running!  I was just 3 months out and I was allowed to start light jogging.  Now I’m progressing with more time/speed.  While that’s great - I’m still a long ways off from normality.  I still have general discomfort when I wake up in the morning and later at night.  I can’t go too long on my feet or the swelling comes back.  Hopefully that goes away over the next few weeks.  In addition to my 3 days a week of PT, I’m doing two days a week at my local gym where I’m doing core routine, upper body weights and swimming a bit.  I also work in my yard in the evenings if I’m not hurting too bad.

I was told that I’m ahead of schedule and that is expected given my running/active background coming into this injury.  It’s Memorial Day today - and my goal is to be able to run at least two miles on the road so I can run on the boardwalk in August during our family vacation.  My short term goal is to be able to run a mile with my daughter around our neighborhood.  I hope to do that by July.  Every week is more progress.  Keeping positive.

2 Responses to “15 weeks (3 1/2 months) post surgery”

  1. Well done Kevin and I am sure your goals are very achievable. Noticed your status needs updating. I think 2 shoes is most appropriate now.

  2. You’re doing great. Keep up the good work. I think you’ll hit a mile no problem in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been jogging about 2 weeks now, and since the first jog, I am at 2 miles. Jogging has helped immensely with general walking stamina and strength. Keep it up!

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