13 weeks - follow up surgeon checkup

Wow!  13 weeks out from my surgery and I’m getting better!  Over the past two weeks I’ve started to walk "normally" more consistently.  I’ll try to add some video and some photos of some of my exercise routine.  What I’ve come to realize is that this is not a simple, straight-line progression of improvement.  I’ve had and still have - good days and bad days.  I’m sore from more intense PT and I’m more sore on some days than others.  I have days when walking comes easy and others when I feel like I’m limping and compensating constantly - and it gets frustrating.  I’m still going to PT three days a week and to the gym two - three days a week.  Because the weather is warm and I have a ton of things to do in the yard, I haven’t been able - or shouldn’t - get to the gym on the weekends.  I’m doing a lot in my yard - as much as I can until I start to ache.  I have over an acre property which I cut and maintain myself so it’s a lot of work.

"Running" Again -

My 12-13 week visit to my surgeon was good and he said I’m right on schedule.  He approved me to start to progress towards light jogging - as directed by my PT.  The week after that, my PT had me lightly "jogging" for one minute after a 5 min  walk warm up and another minute after two min walk rest.  I felt like a 90 year old man running, so that was frustrating.  You may have thought this would be a monumental day for me - being able to start running. However, it made me realize how much damage I did to myself.  I had a long, strong stride and now I’m shuffling along like I’ve never run before.  I have to stay positive and realize that this is where I have to start.

I continue to stay active and motivated to get better.  When I’m not in PT, I’m at the gym or my yard - moving.  The main thing I have a problem with is swelling.  I still have swelling of the AT area as the day goes on and I walk more on it.  Everynight, I ‘m on the ice pad.  I’m almost always better by the morning though - ready to start at it again.  My days at the gym, I’m biking 5-10 miles, then walking for 10 mins - or using the elyptical for 10 mins.  I’m then doing 20 mins of core, 20 mins of lifting upper body weights and then 20-30 mins of swimming and water running.  I’m actually in better shape than I was before I had this injury!  I’ve been active, but careful not to push my Achilles too much.  Most of my gym activity is focused on my endurance and core - to keep myself in good shape without using my bad Achilles too much.   I’m at 3 months which means I can do more, but it’s also a danger zone because I can easily forget that I can’t use my right foot like I used to.  I still have to be careful.

I’m looking forward to more progress and more running - or shuffling - which will lead to running!  Thanks for all the support.


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  1. You’re doing great. Running at 12/13 weeks is impressive, however light the jogging may be. I’m off to my last scheduled surgeon follow-up in a few minutes here, so hopefully I’ll have similar news and get the green light to attempt jogging. Funny how this injury can motivate people. Just keep plugging away with what you’re doing. Work that leg as much as possible!

  2. I laughed when you said you are “shuffling” like a 90 year old man. Remind me of Fred Flintstone! Don’t worry, the “shuffling” will go away soon, and your strides will get longer. I also became physically stronger than I was before too (except for lack of endurance and the injured leg, which is coming back slowly). I want to start doing the classes at the gym to get more of a well-rounded fitness, besides the weight training and cardio.

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