Week 12 Post Op

I skipped week 11 update because I haven’t had anything new to report.  I’m still dealing with discomfort, swelling and I can’t walk with much of a normal gait.  I’ve been more sore than normal the past few days due to the fact that I was standing up at a Pearl Jam concert for three hours straight a few days ago!  Awesome concert, but my ankle was a balloon afterwards and it seems as though it’s been sore everyday for three straight days.   The big news for me is that I switched rehab centers and I have a new PT.  My previous PT was good, but she was only part time and leaving in 3 weeks.  I’m in this thing for at least another two-three months.  The location was also out of the way for me.  I just got word that I can get into another rehab center closer to my home and my office AND the PT I’d be assigned to works directly with my surgeon!  No brainer.  I had my first PT session with her today.  She was great!  She’s also a runner and has dealt with others in my position with the same type of injury.  She put me through some good drills today and I’m looking forward to working with her.  I’m at what I pre-determined to be the golden stage of this recovery - the 12 week mark.  I have my follow up Dr. visit next week so I will get the official word on being able to push it much more.  I’m ready to go!!!!!   I have seen improvement, but it’s slight.  I have days/ moments when I can walk normally, but it’s usually followed by some pain and soreness.  I am trying to stress doing more heel raises - single with support and getting my ankle and calf the reps/practice to get stronger.  I’ve been asked by a few people to give them my routine.  It’s hard to explain over email so I will try to document through some photos or videos.  No videos this week as I’m pretty much the same as I was at week 10.   I hope to make great strides (literally) over the next few weeks!

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  1. Weeks 10 and 11 were tough for me too. Mostly dealing with soreness and concentrated pain low in the tendon where you’re not sure if you should push it. I noticed things get exponentially better throughout week 12 and into week 13. Keep your head up, and try to do as many raises as you’re comfortable doing, daily. Once you get past (power through) the initial soreness of doing lots of raises, you’ll notice a big difference from where you were in weeks 10/11.

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