15 weeks (3 1/2 months) post surgery

I’m posting less often because I’m incredibly busy with work - and everything.  I’ll try to continue to post progress at least every two weeks.  PT is much the same - with the exception of me being able to jog more now!  I no longer have to use the elyptical - which I’ve never liked!  [...]

13 weeks - follow up surgeon checkup

Wow!  13 weeks out from my surgery and I’m getting better!  Over the past two weeks I’ve started to walk "normally" more consistently.  I’ll try to add some video and some photos of some of my exercise routine.  What I’ve come to realize is that this is not a simple, straight-line progression of improvement.  I’ve [...]

Week 12 Post Op

I skipped week 11 update because I haven’t had anything new to report.  I’m still dealing with discomfort, swelling and I can’t walk with much of a normal gait.  I’ve been more sore than normal the past few days due to the fact that I was standing up at a Pearl Jam concert for three [...]