Week 10 Post-Op

Week 10 –

I’m late on this update, but I don’t have much different to report. I’m still going to PT 3x a week and I’m at the gym on the other days. I actually stayed away from the gym this past weekend – and I worked in my yard – a different type of exercising. I feel as though I’m able to extend my walking stride more but I’m still not able to walk normally. My left ankle is still very weak. I’m doing unassisted bi-lateral heel raises but I need a lot of support to do a single leg heel raise – which is expected at this point. I’m hoping to start to feel some strength return to my right foot soon – over the next couple of weeks. Being back to work – in the office – and being able to drive has put everything back to normalcy for me. I’m working and I’m motivated to rehab. I’m not trapped in my house - I’ve got my world back. This was the point in overall recovery that I’ve wanted to get to. It seems pretty bleak when you are sitting on that ER table and the Dr is giving you the bad news, but it does go quick. I hope to have better news on more improvement in the weeks to come.

Here’s a view of how I’m able to walk at this point:


3 Responses to “Week 10 Post-Op”

  1. Awesome results and Video!

  2. What do they have you doing at PT, specifically? Looks like you’ve made some definite progress on gait/limp and strength. Keep the videos coming. I plan to add some to my site once PT starts later this week.

  3. Thanks for the post - the video is helpful.

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