Week 9 Post Op - Dr. follow up

As a result of my 9 week postop Dr. follow up, I’m cleared to drive, to go back to the office and to (officially) be out of the boot. My weekly routine consists of 3 days a week of PT for about an hour and at the gym/pool on the other three days with one day of ‘rest’. The day of rest I still stretch, do ROM and heel raises. I’m very active so I never really get a rest, outside of sleeping. I can see some slight improvement in my ability to walk without a limp. I have moments of walking normally as I move around more. I was told that now that I can stretch more that my walking will gradually come back. The majority of the time, I still favor it unless I take short, slow steps. Swelling is still an issue as I walk around more and more. I was told by the Dr that swelling will occur for up to 6 months or even a year! I didn’t like to hear that, but at least I know what to expect. By 8pm, my foot is up and on ice for 20 mins to bring down the swelling.  That helps.   Dr told me that it’s ok to be swollen and have more soreness/discomfort at the end of the day.  That means you’ve been working it.  You just don’t want to wake up the next morning and still have that same amount of soreness/discomfort because that would most likely mean that you’ve worked it too hard. I awake the next morning to find the swelling has subsided (ankle/achilles area is always somewhat swollen) and I’m ready to start the process over. I find that I can do more on my feet recently, but ultimately I can feel the swelling and discomfort creep in. I’m used to working for hours on end in my yard and now I have to take a break every hour and haven’t been able to do more than two-three hours on my feet without calling it quits. Overall, though, mobility is improving. I can do bi-lateral heel raises without support, with the majority of the work being performed by my good foot – obviously. I don’t have much else to report this, my 9th week, as the routine is much the same. I’ve finally put some videos I’ve made to chart my progress onto youtube. They can be found here:


3 Responses to “Week 9 Post Op - Dr. follow up”

  1. Nice videos, Kevin! I’m glad you are recovering so well.
    Happy Healing!…………. Manny

  2. It looks like you are doing great!!!! I am too lazy to ice mine, but when i wake up in the morning the swelling is usually gone, so no issues there. At 20 weeks, I can work on my yard with no problems, did lots of mulching this weekend. So if you keep doing this great, you should be able to expect similar progress.

  3. Kevin

    nice summary video of your experience. the wound/scar looks nasty! glad it has healed!

    thanks for confirming the discomfort/swelling prognosis (same as what i was told), it’s a shame, but this is out path!

    yup, the key is in staying active without pushing it too much. today i managed to cut the grass and the tendon responded well and without much hassle.

    i did my first driving at the weekend, and it was fine although a bit of a tired ankle by the end of 90 minutes.


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