Week 10 Post-Op

Week 10 –
I’m late on this update, but I don’t have much different to report. I’m still going to PT 3x a week and I’m at the gym on the other days. I actually stayed away from the gym this past weekend – and I worked in my yard – a different type [...]

Week 9 Post Op - Dr. follow up

As a result of my 9 week postop Dr. follow up, I’m cleared to drive, to go back to the office and to (officially) be out of the boot. My weekly routine consists of 3 days a week of PT for about an hour and at the gym/pool on the other three days with [...]

Week 8 Post-op

I hit week 8 postop yesterday.  Feb 11th was surgery.  Right achilles.   I’m out of the walking boot and only need to wear it if I’m going out and have to be somewhat more mobile than usual.  I never wear it indoors anymore.  I just make sure I’m very careful when I’m moving.  I’m still [...]